Seriously, who IS this blond bombshell? Do you recognize her? We admit we had a hard time with this one…

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Holy cow! It’s not easy to look gorgeous when you’re standing next to decades younger pretty boy Zac Efron, but Michelle >Pfeiffer, 53, is more than holding her own! She looks adorable! They were at the New Year’s Eve premier. By the way, that’s Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas sexing it up in the top photo…


12 thoughts on “A TALE OF TWO PRETTY WOMEN

  1. I am so sick of the blowing the air kiss pose I could vomit. Fergie is not pretty or sexy and the pose doesn’t help. Michelle Pfeiffer on the other hand is drop dead gorgeous. Always has been and always will be. She sure keeps herself hidden when not at a premiere.

  2. Fergie looks like a pug dog in the face; very unattractive and always trying to look better, (bleach blonde), especially after catching Josh cheating. Michelle has had a few nips and tucks, done very well, not pulled and tight.

  3. I agree w/ DF. Isn’t Fergie known for frequently losing control of her bowels too? Remember Farah Fawcett.

  4. Michelle looks great. This is well done, subtle plastic surgery. The others in crazyland should take a clue.

  5. Michelle looks gorgeous. If she did have some work done, she should hand out his/her cards.

    This movie looks like celebrity overload with too many plot lines. Any pre-release news on whether its any good?

  6. Michelle looks pretty good in this photo. Surprising! I have seem photos recently and it looked like her plastic surgeon got a little tweak happy. Good to see her out and about!

    Fergie always looks great, and her fashion is usually very daring, but always smashing!!

  7. i do not understand the premise of this film.
    the cast is “everyone and the kitchen sink”, dont get it.

  8. Efron is seen often cruising the back alleya and parkades of WeHo looking for action He has even been seen going down on Jake Gyllenhaal (Jake prefers to be a bottom no matter how pumped up or famous he gets). Jake was dating Bear Gryls for a time and even shared a tent and sleeping bag wuth him while filming the show.

  9. I didn’t know Bear was a Nancy boy?
    And Hilary I don’t think there is such a thing as a top gay. They are all bottoms.

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