This English New Wave popstar has been performing and touring for decades as a hetero male to support his double life as a cross-dresser. He lives part-time in Berlin where he conducts his life as a woman. Not as a flashy drag queen or tart- he dresses like an upper crust society lady in a blonde wig with proper stockings and sensible shoes that match his purse. This immaculately groomed and refined lady has a feminine name and nobody ever mentions the singer’s name. She has a masculine male assistant and hopes to have enough money saved someday to retire from the music biz and live fulltime as a woman.

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  1. wikipedia mentions that Joe Jackson spends alot of time in Berlin these days.

  2. Joe lives in Berlin, and has performed in drag. That does not automatically equate to being transgendered, however.
    And he’s got plenty of dosh. No need to “save up” to live as a woman were he so inclined.

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