This Oscar winner is considered one of the top actors in the business. He’s supposed to be happily married with kids, but he turned up at the Chateau Marmont hotel Thursday night and partied till all hours in the lobby. After numerous cocktails, he asked another famous friend to get him “fixed up” with a girl. The friend walked up to a pretty blonde and brunette standing together and asked the blonde if she’d like to meet his well known buddy. The smart blonde sized up the situation and said “No thanks- I don’t sleep with married men!” The gorgeous brunette immediately piped up “I do!” and off she went….

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  1. Never mind…Tim Robbins isn’t married. I think Tom Hanks too.

  2. was it just this past thursday? I didn’t hear anything.
    How about more clues??

  3. Tom Cruise has never won an Oscar, but Tom Hanks has – and was in “Big” which is def a size….. just saying….

  4. My friend works at the Chateau and he says that Sean Penn has been staying at the hotel while he does press for his movie. Makes sense.

  5. Ben Affleck? I’ve heard he really struggles with the married with children thang.

  6. When I think of happily married, I think of Tom Hanks. There have been so many stories of Denzel and Sean Penn cheating.

  7. TOM HANKS Came to mind too…he’s too squeaky and although i’d hate ths to be true…me thinks so

  8. Sean deserves to have a little fun. You have no idea what it’s like to be 23, wake up and suddenly you are 45! Have you seen his body lately, he STILL looks 23. good for him, I say!!!

  9. Attention anonymous writer of Oct 21, at 10:30. If you have a friend at the Chateau, please email me! I’d LOVE to chat-

  10. It’s Russell Crowe…Ben Affleck only has one child, not multiple as the clue suggests. Russell Crowe is in LA promoting his new movie

  11. My first thought was Tom Hanks. But after reading posts – Sean Penn fits better. He’s such scum – it’s him.

  12. It’s got to be Cuba! Cuba! He’s been a notorious cheater since he won the Oscar. And like 4:14 said, he *flaunts* it!

  13. Sean Penn. He’s a known coke user. Maybe he was geeked out and looking for love.

  14. Heya,
    I think that it might be Sean Penn. But I don’t think that he slept with her. HOWEVER, he only sleeps with blondes, he is a very specific type. If he wants to have fun, remember his quote on Charlie Rose. “If I wanna have fun, I get a couple of hookers and an eight ball.”
    PS Janet do you know Joey?

  15. it’s not russell crowe or sean penn and please not tom hanks i know he’s too goody good shoes. how about CUBA i bet it’s him but does he have kids?

  16. By the by, the quote about the hookers and the 8ball was on the Actor’s Studio. James Lipton asks “When you arrive at the pearly gates what would like to hear god say to you?” And Sean replied “You suffered long enough here’s two hookers and an 8ball.”

  17. Cuba, He came on to my friend a few years ago and was not subtle about it at all. he suxs and so does his career now. he shouls spend less time cheating and more time trying to get a decent job that’s not a blow job

  18. More clues needed here – it could be ANY Oscar-winning actor, married with kids… more info required to catch this culprit!!!

  19. It’s Sean Penn for sure. There are numerous other reports of him partying recently at the Chateau Marmont.

  20. Cocktails? Sounds like everyones favourite rummy Mel Gibson. An oscar winning sex-mad, alcoholic, catholic, nazi. Hollywoods finest!

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