The Playboy mansion is now in the process of being mostly demolished and this photo of how it USED to look brought back a lot of memories. The backyard and pool area was ideal for large parties – with lots of food , music, and drinks, not to mention predatory men of a certain age. Young women always outnumbered males and most of the men were a lot older. There was always a fabulous buffet and that’s what attracted hungry young actresses, models etc. My friends and I never missed a party just because of the food. And you could meet those old time Las Vegas comedians and all kinds of athletes. Bill Cosby was always there, enthusiastically greeting gaggles of arriving girls. It was fun while it lasted, but also a little sleazy…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA



  1. You speak of Bill Cosby like he’s a great guy. You never cease to amaze me with your forked tongue. You claim to be a feminist but you’re not.

    That whole environment was a way for old men to exert power and take advantage of women.

    I’m very proud of Hef’s son joining the service! Too bad your values don’t think that’s something to write about.

  2. According to an article I read, only the interior & some out buildings, such as the pool & grotto are being demolished.
    Dean Metropoulus, the new owner, has an agreement with the city that the exterior of the main house must remain the same.

  3. Janet do tell about those steamy nights you spent in the grotto…;)

  4. Janet, since you’re supposed to be a gossip columnist – and you live in Los Angeles – I would think you would at least get this story right. They are NOT demolishing the Playboy mansion; I can only guess that you actually have no clue what’s really on going there, saw aerial shots of the property, and drew your own conclusions. They are tearing the interior of the property down to the studs. The exterior will remain largely the same, since it’s considered an historical property. Since you were a reporter, Janet, what I’d expect you to investigate is why all other property renovation in California was stopped by order of the governor, but work at the Playboy mansion has continued without ceasing. According to a number of reports, there’s a flurry of activity going on at that property. What’s so important that it can’t wait for the covid-19 all clear?

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