Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Kids who grow up in a rock star family can’t help it – they just might inherit their parents’ ideas about fashion. Kingston Rossdale, 5, already fusses about his hair styles and loves to pick out his own clothes. As a result he looks like an English rock star. His mom Gwen Stefani is a pop star and a successful designer with collections for both adults and kids, so she gives her boys plenty of options. Daddy, Gavin Rossdale, IS an English rock star, so Kingston has no shortage of inspiration. We love his plaid pants with the Chesterfield blazer and vest.



  1. The mother is gorgeous. The kid is dressed up like Little Lord Fauntleroy.

  2. He’s a slave to his mother’s love for fashion. Both of their kids are adorable. Of course, both parents are quite attractive.

  3. his dad is already teaching him the finest BlowJobs of “Hollywood”.

  4. It is a tad bit much, I must say! What’s he going to be worried about next year? Dating Harlow or Honor?

    I mean it’s good that he’s creative but I think he is much too young to be worried about cutting edge fashion.

  5. Wow that is a bit unsettling that it looks like they just opened the front door to their house and the paps were right there. I can understand pics on the street but a shot of inside the house is a bit much. I would bet Kingston was dressed like that for a reason. He is adorable with a gorgeous mom but she turned me off when I read her In Style mag interview where she said something about painting her nails or something and wanting to “feel like normal people do”. That just told me her fame went to her head and she thinks she is above “normal” people.

  6. I bet that hat she’s holding is his too. What an outfit! I sure hope it’s a special occasion and not an every day outfit. You can’t run around and play in something like that.

  7. Celebs call the paps whenever they have something to sell you … Goodwill chic is all kinds of wrong.
    Poor kid needs to do some sports.

  8. What a crude thing to say “forrest gump”. Little Kingston Rossdale is only 5 years old.

  9. Yep…poor kid needs to be playing sports or working on the ranch and not dressed up like Michael Jackson heading for a showing of Peter Pan. Parents looking for trophy children screw up the kids head.

  10. Wow, did Gwen have her face done? She does not look like herself anymore. Not that that surprises me if she HAS had plastic surgery. I have never liked her and her husband is creepy.

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