X-Factor producer and judge, Simon Cowell, was a regular at the Whole Foods in Hollywood near CBS – clerks joked that he bought extreme amounts of vitamin supplements and alternative health products. Cowell just revealed to GQ that he is, indeed, a hypochondriac, and drinks three smoothies for breakfast every day containing almost every potent fruit and vegetable. Not only is he an incredibly fussy eater but “He is given a weekly intravenous drip with B12, magnesium, vitamin C, and — in his words — “something for your liver.” The I.V. (suggested by Kylie Minogue’s sister) is administered after his skin is numbed, and sits in his arm for around thirty minutes, in meetings and even on set.” No wonder women find him rather hard to live with.

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  1. That’s good he takes cares of his health. On that same note, I’d replace the B12 with a B52, vodka smoothies with a dash of OJ for vit C & a shot of JD for “some’em in the the liver” Hey, we might as well enjoy today, who knows what tomorrow will bring.

  2. ” No wonder women find him rather hard to live with.”

    Yeah, I am sure THAT’S the reason!!! He does act toooooo fussy and seems to have a stick up his butt……maybe just maybe it isn’t a stick afterall .

    Wonder what Strom thinks??? 🙂

  3. YoYo

    Cocktails are on YoYo!!! I’ll take a WooWoo to go!!! 🙂

  4. My neighbor’s wife is a bartender at the country club (no, I am not a member). Anyway, she served woo woos & bloody marys at her bbq a few weeks ago. Everyone of us were buzzed after one drink. Thank God I just had to walk next door.

  5. Hey Walt,

    Bar’s open all night. Just thought what I could do with that IV, hook it up to a vat of wine while watching American Idling. Anyhoo, drinks our on the house!

  6. YoYo

    Sounds great!!! Filler Up!!! I’m thirsty! 🙂 Pour one for my better half too!!!

  7. He’s obviously not that health-conscious given that he smokes every day!

  8. Yes isn’t that interesting. He’ll have a clean liver but lung cancer.

  9. Walt,

    Those woo-woos sound like a combo of nitrogen & aviation fuel. Still drunk after a week? Dam, why can’t I have cool neighbors like that?

  10. YoYo

    Those drinks were pretty good. It had vodka in it, cranberry juice and something peachy. She served it in a 22 oz pineapple looking glass. My wife and I both had one and I remember having a great time and everyone laughing but I can’t tell you one thing we talked about. lol I did sleep like a baby that night!!!

  11. Oh yeah—I’m with yoyo on this one—all the way 🙂

  12. Walt,

    Sounds like conversations with the in-laws, they speak all the time, I don’t recall a thing either or is that the Witness Protection Program? Dam, think I’m drunk from all this alcohol talk.


    Like I told Walt, bar’s always open & you’re always welcomed.

  13. Is he an incredibly fussy eater or an incredible pussy eater?

  14. YoYo

    That’s how my sweet Moma made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas……punch…..lots of fruity, tasty, alcohol ridden holiday punch. There was always a house full of people which was cool. However, the punch made everyone sweeter and happier.

    When there was money for it (lots of times there wasn’t any), there were mint juleps served by the pitcher on Sunday evenings after services at least once a month. The kids got fresh lemonade. It is just the southern way.

  15. Actually being a British word smith would make him more of a cunning linguist.

  16. Patrick

    I think the closest Simon ever came to “that” was a feline cat…….or if he was standing close to Marilyn Manson’s girlfriend (the one with the Gabe Kaplan (Mr. Kotter!!!) crotch !!!!!

  17. Walt,

    Sometimes the happiest times in our lives usually have nothing to do with money. It’s being with family & friends. So much has changed over the years, some people have forgotten what really matters. It’s nice to know you’re still a southern gentleman, with quite the sense of humor(LOL)some people could stand to learn a thing or to from yesteryear.

  18. YoYo

    I was just thinking about one of my favorite holidays ever decades ago.

    It was a warm autumn week. My friends and I had experienced a rough year. In fact, it was so bad, that several of my buddies weren’t even going to have Thanksgiving that year because they just didn’t have the money.

    I rented a tiny duplex that had a fairly large deck built against it. Somehow I had managed to save a few dollars to put back for Thanksgiving dinner. I invited everyone that didn’t have a place to go. Cooked up everything I had and hoped for the best. It didn’t occur to me about extra chairs or silverware or anything like that. I cooked a bunch of chickens in the oven and threw together stuffing (several pans of it) and sweet potato casseroles all by myself. A bunch of canned corn and we were good to go. We drank kool aid & ate loaf bread with it our meal (no money for rolls or biscuits or dessert)…..but there was plenty of laughter and we had such an incredibly time together. I didn’t have enough silverware so some were forced to do the best they could until they snatched someone else’s.

    We ate in the apt, on the old deck, some climbed on top of their cars or the back of their trucks and ate. I lost count of how many people actually came by (some brought their mothers & fathers) We were all together and I don’t think I ever had a better Thanksgiving than that.

    Everything cool in my life revolves around my God, family & friends and food!!!

  19. I guess some of us remember when he got ‘engaged’ to Miss Hussainy, a Muslim, and now rumor is that he is going to convert to Islam. This is unbelievable and I hope it’s just a gossipy rumor. Since the UK is rife with Muslims, wouldn’t be surprised at anything Simon does. Doesn’t Islam ban smoking, even tho many of them do?

  20. Indy
    Didn’t he and Mezhgan Hussainy break up several months ago?

  21. but american television producers rejected the idea……….

  22. Will any of that make him a nicer guy? I doubt it.

    Oh yeah, and the smoking is just flat out dumb.

    I also read he wants to be frozen after he dies. Maybe they can put his head in a jar right next to poor ole Ted Williams.

  23. Walt,

    What a wonderful & touching story. How kind & thoughtful of you to invite your friends even though you had it rough, didn’t forget the values of this life. The best holidays are when people with the least are there to break bread with. Now that’s a lottery since you consider God, family & friends to be amongst your treasures in life. Good for you Walt & God bless.

  24. YoYo

    Thank you little one. Each and everyone of those people had always been there for me too (and those living still are – and vice versa). God bless you too. 🙂

  25. Hope the vitamin injection doesn’t have an adverse reaction to his Botox injections…

  26. Walt…Top o’ the mornin’ to ya.

    I read that they were broken up (I forget if it was on a website or in a mag). Then I read that they were confronted with this question and Mr. C. claimed they were still together. Methinks he is pulling a George Clooney and just shacking up with no intention of getting hitched. After all, he has way more $$$ than Georgie Boy. So, what to believe? Anyway, as we know, Simon stayed w/ Terri Seymour for several years and then gave her a large settlment when they split. That may be why M.N. is hanging on? LOL Who can figure out these high rollers anyway?

  27. Indy 🙂

    By nature, I think Simon is finicky and chronic nit picker. Chances are he wouldn’t begin to know how to curb it. I bet whoever he dates regularly ends up paying a big price in self worth.

    Can’t you see him critizing his lover’s performance after mere minutes in the hay? Perhaps if he really liked them he would just hold up a number 1-10 like they do for the Olympics.

    Then without so much as a parting gift (can you say Rice-A-Roni??), they are on the their way…………or forced to do it correctly over and over. LOL!!!

  28. Walt: Terri Seymour seemed perfect for him, as I heard her say once on a talk show that she was used to all his quirky ways. And both of course are from the U.K. But since he is still supporting Terri in high style, I guess his latest Muslim lover is hoping for the same thing for her. If and when he dumps her, there will be many excited ladies waiting to take her place, that is if he hasn’t developed enphysema from smoking. Oh the lifestyles of the rich and famous. LOL. (: 🙂

  29. Hey Indy

    I hope Simon does quit smoking. I had that habit once and it was monster to get over.

    Oh well, I still get a frilly diva vibe from Simon. I maybe wrong (wouldn’t be the first time). 🙂

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