Gotta disagree with Elton John once again. Elton is irate because UK press pointed out that Prince Harry claims to care about the environment, yet he and Meghan and their baby flew on a private jet to visit Elton’s estate in France. Elton tweeted it was HIS idea to fly private, and blasted the press for disrupting the couple’s “safety and tranquility.” He went so far as to say “Prince Harry’s mother Diana was one of my closest friends and I feel obliged to protect Harry and his family from the unnecessary press intrusion that contributed to Diana’s death!“ Elton has conveniently forgotten that Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed were killed by their own drunk chauffeur who was speeding. The driver worked for Dodi Fayed’s family, and Dodi was famous for courting the press. He liked to tip them off as to where he and Diana would be. In fact, he was SO nice to reporters that he provided me, the gossip columnist for Star Magazine, an expensive lunch for two at the Ritz Hotel in Paris and a Ritz bathrobe to take home, among other gifts. Dodi Fayed’s father felt guilty and embarrassed that HIS drunk driver got Diana and his own son killed, and he dedicated his life to blaming paparazzi. So Elton, wise up!

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  1. Dammit Janet- that’s harsh. Diana didn’t agree to it. Doubt she was aware of the sell out.

  2. I thought you were going to casually mention how Elton turned his back on her, his “closest” friend, well before Versace’s death …

  3. Oh Please. Her own brother stood up at her funeral and said that Diana was hunted to death by the press.

  4. Oh, where to begin; first of all, it’s easy to subscribe qualities to an individual who is no lnger with us. Elton and Diana were not close, personal friends; they were social friends, who – apparently Elton suffers from selective memory – had had a fight, and weren’t even speaking at the time of Diana’s death. Secondly, Elton, Harry, Meghan, et al… are nothing more than hypocritical limousine liberals. I can certainly understand the need for security, but to take 11 – yes, 11 – private jets flights inside of 4 days, simply because they wanted to island hop, is ridiculously over the top. These fools attempt to dictate how WE should live in order to combat an scientifically unfounded notion known as “climate change” – they used to call it “global warming”, until it was proven the plant is NOT getting hotter, now any minor weather anomaly is used as proof of “climate change” – while they roam the earth causing real pollution with nonstop use of jets, yachts, and luxury vehicles. Don’t believe the falsehoods spread by these privleged idiots – think for yourselves!

  5. Thank you for this column Janet. It’s good to know the truth.

  6. What are they supposed to do, fly commercial? LOL..Get over yourself, Janet.

  7. Diana’s death was orchestrated by Prince Philip. Imagine her having Dodi’s child. The “Firm” could never have handled that. The drunk chauffeur story is as uninformed as Jeffrey Epstein’s “suicide!”

  8. Those little private jets are unreliable, and often crash. I’m not going to deny the Markles their privilege to fly private.

  9. Meghan is not interested in the Royal JOB, she only wants the perks. Her real ambition is a jet set life at someone else’s expense. She wants to be a member of the same elite crowd that hovered around Jeffrey Epstein and if anyone dares to call her out she and her stupid spoiled friends will use the race card.

    Enjoy paying out millions to get rid on her in 5 years Harry.

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