The entire Kardashian family could use some charm, poise, and fashion lessons from Dita Von Teese. Some make-up lessons too. We are consistently amazed by Dita’s reliable good taste. Whether she’s at the supermarket (yes, we’ve bumped into her there) or leaving her hotel in New York, (above) she is tastefully attired. We have NEVER seen her in spandex and wardrobe malfunctions just don’t happen to her! Her hair is her own, and she does it herself. Her makeup is perfect without that Kardashian heavy shading, absurd eyelashes, and puffed up lips. Dita never disappoints.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News



  1. She is dressed like appropriately (and looks nice) here for her 43 years.

    Surely, she doesn’t still do burlesque.

  2. She needs to update her look, dyed black hair and red lipstick is just so dated.

  3. >> She needs to update her look, dyed black hair and red lipstick is just so dated.

    Of course her look is dated! Her look is an homage to the glamour of the ’40s. She believes that you can make yourself into anything you want. It doesn’t matter where you were born or what your family circumstances are. She does her own hair and makeup because she believes in being self-sufficient.
    You don’t like something about yourself? Fix it!

  4. She can’t have much class if she let Marilyn Manson even touch her. Makes my skin crawl.

  5. I really like her style but I wish someone would gently convince her that her foundation is one shade too light. It’s pretty glaring compared to her neck and the rest of her skin. Just one shade up is all I ask…

  6. newbie, I was just going to say the same thing, but is is better than looking like an oompa loompah.

    she was on project runway and she had this icy cold demeaner..I was surprised…wasn’t expecting that.

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