Crazy Rich Asians star Gemma Chan is our pick for Best Dressed at the Oscars for SO many reasons! Start with the hot pink color – and we love the fluttery collar framing her face. The pleating and detailing of the layers of fabric is luscious and it goes on forever. This modern gown has NO restrictions! It’s not tight anywhere, just graceful and feminine. No need for industrial strength spanx or other compressive underwear or tape – Gemma actually looks comfortable – a look you rarely see at the Oscars! We would give anything to see a photo of Gemma (and other actresses in bouffant gowns) as they are SITTING in the theater. Where do they put all that skirt – do they roll it up on their laps – stuff half on their date’s lap? Inquiring minds want to know…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


  1. I totally disagree, this outfit is trash! I loved Jennifer Hudson’s look, and was stunned by Julia Roberts at the end, but hands down Charlize Theron was best dressed. Very unexpected color, great use of tailoring and jewels. That dress was cut to perfection.

  2. Gemma’s dress was not our favorite, but we agree she looked terrific–of course, it’s hard to look bad with her great figure.

    We thought Helen Mirren and Olivia Colman looked wonderful in their gowns. Admittedly, Olivia’s bespoke Prada was not to everyone’s taste, but it suited her to a “T”. It’s sure to become a cherished heirloom.

    On the other hand, three other creations left us gasping:

    First up was Jennifer Lopez, who tragically was being swallowed alive by a rare, “disco ball boa costrictor”–which by the tine she hit the red carpet, had consumed everything but JLo’s head; onlookers were powerless to intervene…

    Rachel Weisz, meanwhile was engulfed in a garish frock that was made even more reprehensible by a caplet made from LATEX. We are at a complete loss as to explain her choice, but her poor plastic-enclased pits must have been barking!

    As to the last, we have some explanation–at least what we *assume* to be the explanation, which is the only way to justify the atrocity of Sarah Paulson’s ensemble:

    We think, in an effort to “give back,” that Sarah offered the design and execution of her dress to the aspiring future designers at a middle school.

    Though the lucky adolescents were able to sketch their dress ideas ahead of time, the “catch” (in order to prepare them for working under deadline pressure) was that all cutting, fitting, and basting (there was obviously insufficient time for actual sewing) had to be completed in the back of the limousine, while en route to the Academy Awards.

    This is the ONLY THING THAT CAN HAVE HAPPENED–based on the horrifying results. And while we applaud Sarah’s charitable efforts, she looked (sorry, future designers) ABSOLUTELY GHASTLY.

    (Lastly, and this isn’t fashion-related, we noted that Jeff Bezos showed at one of the Oscar after-parties with a brunette who WAS NOT LAUREN SANCHEZ!!

    Our surmise was that Bezos had finally woken up to the obvious, that his new squeeze used her brother to break the news of their affair, thus forcing him into a divorce–and new marriage.

    We received our confirmation today with the news that Lauren is ‘cutting all ties” with her brother–as a result of his ratting out the couple to the National Enquirer.

    It would seem that Bezos finally got around to asking just HOW the brother got his hands on said informatin in the first place!!??

    Whatever story Lauren concocted to save herself–and appease Bezos, the cutting-ties narrative makes clear that she’s choosing a billionaire over family…IF Bezos will even have her after this fiasco.)

  3. charlize’s dress was horrible. totally. whoever designed that bust area should be shot….her boobs looked ridiculous in it.

  4. What you can count on is that the Crazy Rich Asians got that way on the backs of impoverished people they treat as slaves and work basically for food.

    No Americans would treat their help the way these people do and that does not even include all the brothels that call themselves SPA’s and Massage Parlors.

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