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We never had high fashion expectations for Adidas, but they did hire David Beckham as their style icon awhile back and he IS one of the best dressed all time celebrities. Unfortunately, Adidas has chosen Justin Bieber as their new style icon for the next two years and we wonder how many guys will really want to look like HIM.

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  1. He is such a buffoon. He wants to pretend he’s a big black rapper but he looks like a little schoolgirl

  2. Ship him back to Canada via FedEx & stamp “REJECT” on his ass. What a disgrace to Adidas.

  3. He is just a shorty who happened to be in the right place at the right time and got a HUGE break. One thing he can’t buy——about 5 inches, in height that is. LOL

  4. YoYo, we are not taking him back. He’s yours now. You got Celine Dion and Avril Lavigne too.

  5. this is classic Canadian content folks.

    Went whale watching recently with my two oldest – out of Vancouver to a beautiful place called Tofino, where nearly every teenager seemed to dress just like this one.

    I suspect it’s the general uniform, that or hockey skates. but, in truth, what beautiful, clean, safe and educated country.

    we sure could learn from them, we better,

    oh please take Celine back, please ?

  6. I can’t stand this stupid little girly boy. He looks like a total idiot. This is what you have when a rich, spoiled, entitled little SOB tries to look “edgy”. Dumbass!

  7. My God, are those parachute pants? Tell me they’re not coming back! What a little buffoon this douche is. Hope he saves his money.

  8. Too funny Erika. If a kid dressed like that in my girls high school I think he’d be laughed off the property.
    I live in Victoria on Vancouver Island by the beach. We go up to Tofino for a couple of nights in July every year. Chesterman and Long Beach are magical aren’t they! Lots of Killer whales and Humpback around this year. I see them from the beach down the road were I walk my dog. Just look for the whale boats crowding them.
    It is a very nice place to live.

  9. Is he looking to get his ass kicked in that get up? What is with the Reno 911 head gear?

  10. Bluejay: LOL

    When will the little prick’s time be up. I’ve read that Selena Gomez is getting fed up with his babyish and diva-like ways and has threatened to leave him. I can’t stand this little man crazy coquette either.

  11. LOL Reno 911 headgear is right. If you’ve got to wear your pants so low that you’re constantly grabbing your crotch to keep them up, then you may be a total douchebag!

  12. but keep in mind your age.

    WELL, sort of.

  13. OMG! I can’t stand this stupid little he/she at all. Especially those stupid pants or bags he wears.

    Is he trying to find his balls (if any)???

  14. All of the comments are cracking me up and are sooo true.

    Except for PATRICK…..and I am jeanous of him because he lives in such a beautiful place. BTW, Canada is doing much better than the USA on just about everything nowadays.

  15. MC Hammer should take those pants back and burn them.

    Bucket list addition: visit Vancouver

  16. This is what happens under Corporate music culture. Rich entitled spoiled lil’ white kids trying to look ‘ghetto’. How idiotic. Drop him off in the projects in Oakland, Philly or Chicago for 5 minutes and see how long he lasts. Then maybe he will think twice before attempting to glamorize and mainstream thug fashion.

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