When we first heard the rumor that Kris Jenner is pushing to get Rob Kardashian his own dating show, we had immediate doubts. BUT when you stop to think about it, the show could be REALLY awkward and amusing. The reality show Rob’s Romance would film Rob going out on dates with various women to find his perfect match (if indeed, he has really split up with Blac Chyna for good.) Since Rob is notoriously reclusive, we can only IMAGINE his discomfort. How will the fact that he’s overweight, 30, and unemployed affect the female suitors? Will he EVER take off that baseball cap? This is one dating show WE are eager to see!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. what a repulsive thing….just what i expect from his mother….who supports him…..

  2. I don’t enjoy watching uncomfortable situations or anything ending in Kardashian.

  3. When he was on DWTS


    , I thought he would win…He was that good…I think if he stays away from his Pimp Mother and whore exbaby mama, he will be okay…Go Rob….

  4. Rob, wear adult clothes, get an real job, and stay far away from your mother. You’ve suffered enough.

  5. I get the feeling Rob might be a bit, well…………..special.

  6. Doesnt say much for audience intelligence that watch shows about these ghetto trash bunch!

  7. It’s clear he HATES being on tv, so why would he do this? I have zero respect for someone that can never grow up, they ALL need to untie the apron strings from Mommy, especially Dim

  8. Not if he was the last man on the earth, and then I would demand a recount!

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