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The whining Kardashian sisters Kim and Khloe visited Spring Street in Soho, where they’re planning to open their new DASH retail store and E! cameras followed, so naturally a crowd gathered. We wouldn’t be surprised if E! is financing this shop for them. The question is: will New Yorkers take to their sexed-up, flashy styles? Soho has always been one of the hippest shopping areas in the city, so it remains to be seen. Both sisters are carrying big Hermes bags, so of course they have bodyguards. Perhaps to please the cameras, the girls stopped at an ice cream truck for triple cones with sprinkles.


  1. Interesting considering the entire K family has ‘zero’ fashion sense.

  2. That’s not Kloe in the background, it’s one of the young sisters. Khloe isn’t going to be in on this New York store/show, but only an occaisional feature. I doubt any of them ate these big ice creams. Kim’s face would have cracked and fell off if she moved it for one thing. This show is supposed to be arould Kourtney’s attempts to have a second baby with the horribly unhinged “father” of her first baby who is less than a year old.
    I don’t for a second believe that guy is that baby’s DNA father. Kourtney admitted she screwed around when they were on a “break”. I think it was the other guy and she conveniently got back together with Scott so she’d have a “baby daddy” to blame it on. I DARE them to take a DNA test!

  3. The last couple of images I have see of Kim, she has an ice cream cone in her hand. While it is nice to see something like that – even if it is just optics, you have a young woman who does not see afraid of food – you cannot help wonder, does she say this out loud:

    This is going right to me ass!

  4. Reta, I alway thought that too. But who really knows. Kim, I really don’t care about her. Kloe is okay, but it’s all about materalism with them and money. Just wait to all this reality stuff wears off people and they start wanting talent again where will these people go? Can’t wait.

  5. Lenny, they should have money in the bank, even with all the Hermes bags and Manolo’s they buy. Who knows though. Look at Michael Jackson. These celebs get a sense of entitlement, and think the winfall will last forever.

  6. This is one sad family. I don’t think a one of them ever thinks of anybody but themselves. They are all houses, cars, clothes, and plastic surgeries. Bruce at least had a talent once but that was decades ago.

  7. Not enough to make it a business But wait there is still hope. Coming to a Marshall’s near you soon!

  8. Their “talent” is the ability to look like females. Large asses and tits, long hair, young (still) faces. The “momager” Kris is wise in this: she is getting the younger girls into modeling now while the older “girls” get older and spread their wings further away from her controlling thumb. Is New York far enough away from that horrible busy-body of a “momager”? I doubt it!
    The so-called “fashions” are no more special than any other store that caters to young women who want to show their every body part to the entire world as they walk down the street. A can of spray paint could do the trick as well. (Indeed there was a post by Janet very recently of this very idea)!

    AS mentioned NONE of these women have any “talent”. Their talent is being young, pretty enough, and having the ability the manipulate the press and public into peering into their self-centered lives. They are interchangible with that other useless pretty face )for now) Paris Hilton. But NONE of them have to have a job. The money literally falls into their bank accounts because they have giant asses and/or giant tits. At least the one sister Kourtney, the one with the baby, admits to having breast implants. I think she is also the most appealing personality-wise because she seems the least consumed by materialistic living.
    Her baby-voice-talking sister Khloe is the worst as she walks around “her” house (overly giant mansion) lording it over her brother and sister who temporarily were allowed to stay there only to be controlled like puppets in “her house” (meaning Odom’s).

  9. In Soho that shop will die before it even gets started. The Trashcans “designs” should go into a Lane Bryant if it ever decides to have a “sexy” department.

  10. Look. The family fame came from a dad who defended and protected a double murderer.

    Now the cash cow is porn star Kim pimped by mom riding the coattails of the money train is the rest of the family/.

    Know fact that Kim screws most of Black hollywood but they won’t be seen in public with her.

  11. Reta, there is lots to condemn young women like the Kardashians for, but tarting up is not one as far as I am concerned. At least young women are taking advantage of what they have while they have it. Young men are squandering their youthful looks by slobbing it up like douche bags, and doing all sorts of things to get pumped up. And when they get into a suit they look like forty year old ex high school footballer.

    ………………like austin, tx.

  13. Sebastian…the operative line there is “while they have it.” It’s a short period of time, as Kim has obviously already caught on to because she has already, at her still-young age, started fucking up her face with cosmetic interventions that go horribly wrong. Surprizing in that she lived her formative years looking at the mask of Bruce Jenner’s amputated, manipulated, highjacked “face”. That ANY of those “K” girls would seek out plastic surgery of any kind boggles the mind after having a look-see at the primary parent figures, doesn’t it?!

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