When we came upon this Instagram bondage photo of Sam Smith that is creating SUCH a stir, we couldn’t help remembering back in the “Girls” days when Lena Dunham shocked her fans. She posed in strappy lingerie without photoshopping to reveal what “real women” looked like. Lena and Sam have something in common- they both want ATTENTION and they got it! Sam’s photo pulled an assortment of comments, such as: “Is there no decency left on the planet?” “Thank you for normalizing all body types” and “We need to bring bullying back!”

Sam photo: The Perfect Magazine

Lena photo: Lonelylabel.com


4 thoughts on “WHO WORE IT BETTER?

  1. Disgusting. Janet, why are you so captivated by filth? Doesn’t say much for you.

  2. Lena is a disgusting pig, and Sam looks like a Sunday roast ready for the oven

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