The shocking death of former Scientologist Lisa Marie Presley today at 54 has left those you knew her with more questions than answers. According to a resident in the ritzy Calabasas neighborhood where she lived, Lisa Marie has been feeling “off” and unwell for months, even going as far as confiding to some neighbors that she felt like she was drugged. Lisa thought perhaps she was suffering from black mold poisoning, but her house was given the all clear. She was wobbly at times and feared she had MS, but after a recent check-up, that apparently wasn’t the case. Lisa had remained friendly with her first husband Danny Keough and he moved into her Calabasas home in 2021 after the suicide of their son Benjamin left Lisa distraught. Their relationship was platonic and he helped with her 14 year old twins. Wild theories about Lisa’s untimely death are already circulating among some fellow residents of the posh development involving Scientology, but they’re just too litigious to print….

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA Lisa at Golden Globes two days ago


  1. Sounds like Cruise and Miscavage were pretty concerned especially since all of the Elvis estate money is gone/missing or unaccountable.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they had her silenced .

  2. get real fools. she died from cardiac arrest. period. she quit that phony religion years ago

  3. Back To Black is described as a look at “Amy Winehouse’s vibrant years living in London in the early aughts and her intense journey to fame.”

    Production on the flick will kick off next week in London.

  4. Fentanyl.
    She was obviously high as the sky. Lisa was looking, walking, talking and behaving like a person on heroin. I hope they give her a real autopsy and tell us the truth about what she was on. It’s strange how no one is calling her out on this one. The press is speaking of her past being riddled with drugs. Let’s just cut all the propaganda, stop trying to glamorize everything and call the spade a spade. Please somebody shoot me if I’m wrong, put me out of my misery!
    P.S. I love Janet Charlton.

  5. The truth will come out. Scientology were really after her. Tom Cruise and Miscavage took millions from her. It was all going to come out in a book.

  6. $cientology had nothing to do with her death, other than she spent years earlier with little to no actual health care.
    That undoubtedly made her health worse, but this heart attack that actually caused her death was more likely due to her long use of drugs, which severely damaged her heart.
    She had a sad life!

  7. Being she was a proponent of the Covid gene therapy shots, how many jabs did she get and when was the last one?

  8. Walk like a duck, talk like a duck, you’re a duck.
    Poor darling was skanked out on smack, hello.
    Danger Will Robinson, hello.
    The entire world has become complacent.
    No one dare speak the truth?
    Have the corona virus vaccines shut everyone up? And down.

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