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While John Travolta is busy denying gay sex allegations and sending his pit bull lawyers after all the masseurs who made claims against him, he may have been hurting his daughter more than he realizes. Ella Bleu Travolta, 12, hopes to be an actress – she appeared in John’s movie “Old Dogs” and also has a role in his upcoming Gotti movie. But in the past few months she has gained an alarming amount of weight and she’s not the happy little girl she used to be. Despite being sheltered by her Scientology companions, she’s most likely very aware of her family ‘s problems and upset and confused. Hopefully, she’s getting some kind of help.

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  1. I find it quite reprehensible that Janet is now dragging Children into her constant attacks on Travolta. Please leave the children out of it.

  2. What a messed up family. This girl has to know what is being said, plus I’m sure she is missing her brother. I hope she can get that weight off, kids her age are so unkind.

  3. How ugly for Janet to drag a pretty young girl into this. I hope you feel good Janet when Ella Bleu gets taunted at school for being so called “overweight”.

  4. She is not a cute pre-adolescent any more. At puberty teens can gain 15-20 pounds. It happens. Or it could just be genes. John was only slim when in was a dancer in his teens and early 20s. Having private chefs fixing gourmet meals is also a factor. I would consider all these things before even thinking of stress.

  5. So agree with Missyco. You can hate on the father and mom but lay off the kids. Thet didn’t choose to be the spawn of celebrities. It’s quite fair game on the Willis tribe but leave this little girl alone.

  6. I doubt she is getting help. Those Scientolgy folks don’t believe in it.

  7. Feel free to scrutinize John Travolta. He chose his fame and he chose his “religion.” This child did not choose either. Leave her alone.

  8. There is NO excuse for parents to let a child blow up to such ghastly proportions. Who the hell supervises this kid at mealtimes? It’s ghastly and negligent!

  9. Janet, It is mean spirited and hateful to say such things about a little girl in a public column.

    Does it make you feel superior when someone in the public eye is chubby or fat compared to you? Does it make you feel better about yourself?

  10. Janet,she always been big.It’s not our business to speculate how she feels.

  11. Here is the end result of all this insanity with these people..while theyre off vacationing all over the world look at who is actually suffering and dealing with everything that has occurred while they are in hiding..shame on those two! smdh!

  12. Oh come on. The author is merely stating the obvious, saying that the girl has “gained and alarming amount of weight.” Charlton is also wondering if JT “may have been hurting his daughter more than he realizes.” This is not bullying. The author is criticizing JT, not the girl. She is calling JT out on his parenting skills. By hiding in the closet and molesting spa employees, he is harming his children and his family.

    That amount of weight on a child is unhealthy. I hope her parents are doing something to help her get past this difficult time — something that doesn’t involve that abusive wacko Xenu alien “religion” cult they’re into.

  13. Did anybody think she may be depressed because her brother died? It was not that long ago, and the weight did not pop on overnight. What about the stress of those scumbags who tried to extort the Travoltas out of money with the threats that they would tell everybody it was their son’s death was their fault?

    If she is sad or under stress why would you blame her father, or single out this particular incident as THE THING that made her turn to food for comfort?

    What about her mother? Where the hell is she?

    This is all HIS fault?

    Because he MAY have done something (not proven) that his daughter would have been totally unaware of if people didn’t all try to jump on the gravy train?

    His main accuser turned out to have been fired from a previous masseuse job for inappropriate behavior towards clients who complained. Secondly, sorry,EVEN if some of this was true and JT made a pass at some masseuse, give me a BREAK / it happens all the time and I don’t think that it fits the definition of the word sexual ‘harassment’ or assault. God knows the stars who have made passes and gotten plenty of sex in response, which encourages the behavior anyway. Private massage therapists, male and female, are very aware of the sexual nature of a massage. If they are uncomfortable they need to take precautions to avoid that scenario, not sue somebody.

  14. How can people be so mean when talking about a child? I was normal weight as a kid but around ages 13-14 I put on a little weight (about 20 lbs). By the time I was 17, I was 105 pounds, just right on my 5’2″ frame. There IS an awkward period around that time in a girl’s life – why don’t you give her a break??!! She could slim down to her normal weight in a few years. And if she doesn’t, does that make her any less of a person? Remember, she is just a child.

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