While the “New Moon” cast is in Europe doing PR, “Twilight” director Catherine Hardwicke made some very revealing comments about Rob Pattinson, 23, and Kristen Stewart, now 19, to Time magazine. She said she believes that nothing happened during the first movie. She noticed chemistry between the costars right away and discouraged romantic entanglements. Specifically, after she cast Rob, she warned him, “Don’t even THINK about having a romance with her – she’s under 18 and you’ll be arrested.” Hardwicke thinks that Kristen has since decided to give Rob a chance, so maybe that hand-holding photo was meaningful.

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  1. They are a cute couple and I think its great if they are having fun…why can’t people just stay out of their business? Who cares if they are together or not?

  2. Who CARES? These people are already over hyped and over-exposed. The girl can’t answer a simple question when being interviewed and seems to think the planets revlove around HER NOT! I wouldn’t watch their stupid vampire shit if it were free and the guy Rob has a triangle head anyway!!

  3. “Twilight director thinks Rob and Kristen are a couple”. A couple of what???? Boobs? She has none. 15 minutes….ticking,ticking,ticking.

  4. Neither has charisma or pizzaz. She is boring. He is trying tooooo hard doing the Jimmy Dean copy poses.

    15 mins, yeah, you bet. Tic toc tic toc. You think this chic the ingrate would embrace her moment. Instead she acts surly. No tits, no lips, funny legs. Does she ever close her mouth. Oh yeah, here comes the rystalane for the lips.

  5. Kristen has one dumb look, always, in every pic of her, and in every movie, and that ‘look’ is the pic above.

  6. Hey Mamasan, you are so right. Look at her image in the mural behind them and then her face as she poses. At the movies, the airport, or promoting, the camera catches the absolute same look, lips open of course.

  7. Hopefully they both manage their earnings well, because this looks like a one-time hit.

  8. Hard to tell whether or not they are a couple. Part of me thinks it’s just media speculation. Surely with 24 hour media (internet blogs etc)they would have been exposed by now?

    IDK…**shrugs shoulders**

  9. Under age dating is against the law and if you do the wild thing then there are more problems that come into play and I don’t think any smart man is going to throw away his career to be with a minor and that is stupid and dumb and it is lame and There are so many woman in the world wanting that man Rob lined up around the block wanting to just go out for coffee…That line would be endless and yes it is okay to like some one and have a crush on them but to get with that is major crazy and really stupid and it is better to check her I.D. and hit that after there birthday if you have those feelings?

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