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To no one’s surprise, Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher has been a box-office disappointment. The movie was based on a best selling book and fans of the novel complained loudly that Tom was the WRONG choice for the leading character, who was described as 6’5”, 250 lbs, – an ex-military cop vigilante who was a highly intimidating defender of justice. Producers should have listened to the fans, but egotistically insisted that Tom was the ideal choice and Hollywood didn’t have many hulking leading men anyway. All the shoe lifts and steroids in the world couldn’t make Tom Cruise intimidating. To be honest, it wasn’t all Tom’s fault – the story seemed absurdly repetitious – the hero got shot at least 500 times and ended up without a scratch. (Above, Jack Reacher puffs himself up while standing over a heap of guys he just beat up.)


  1. he already is aware of the fact the midlle class of america sees him as Full Time Loser.

    only the poorest amricans(mostly blacks) stick with him………

    (they must be real desperate)

  2. Saw the movie last night and enjoyed it very much. My husband has read all the Jack Reacher books by Lee Childs, and he was not disappointed by the differences between the character and Cruise which were in size only, Cruise played it with attitude to spare. Also, since Cruise is a producer, why would he listen to the fans?

  3. Cletus, yet it is the stealing jews and whites that keeps giving him money to be in movie roles.

  4. He’s a foot too short but that’s not the problem. His real life issues have lost him fans, I certainly wouldn’t go to any of his movies again.

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  6. Is anyone still wondering we’re getting treated to real-life mass murders on a regular basis?

  7. yeah, took my parents to see this, I guess they read the books. It was ok. Kind of predictible.

  8. I think Tom is a has-been as far as an actor. He would be smart to focus on producing movies at this stage of his career. Who can even remember when he had a box-office success, much less a hit?

  9. I can’t stand Tom Cruise, not at all, nor his “religion”, or most of his movies, in fact, in many ways, at least publicly, he seems quite ridiculous.

    That being said however, isn’t constantly ridiculing him because of his height, being bigoted and sophomoric ?

    What if we ridiculed Christine India on her ” bowels of Hell idiocy and obvious religious intolerance and envy ? “, or Strom on his lack of a high school education ? Or Janet on being very old and well unknown ? Or hello or SheriLynn on their bizarre, hateful posts ?

    It seems fair to make fun of someone for what they actually do or say, sure, but because they are short ?

    How’s that different one’s race or sexual preference ?

  10. My brother is a huge fan of the book series and was aghast at the casting of Tiny Tom Cruise as huge Jack. I’m sorry, but Tom is a full foot shorter than the character and no amount of angling the camera disguises his short limbs and small stature. The studio’s delusion and the author’s greed are what led to selling out a beloved character, to be played by a diminutive egomaniac. The movie is not worth seeing. Tom must be crapping himself. His whole identity is wrapped up in his persona as the biggest star alive. Seeing as his movies are no longer sure fire hits, that just isn’t who he is any more and no amount of auditing will change that. His devotion to what most view as a dangerous cult has cost him big time. So has his deluded idea that he can play any role, even when horrible miscast. He just isn’t that good of an actor.

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  12. As a long time Tom Cruise fan, I hate to interrupt the writer and commoners hatefest, but in fact, the movie is on track to recoup its costs and generate profit, sorry to introduce some reality to the stockpiling conversation, guys.

  13. Last time I looked which was today the movie was doing pretty good. Cost about 63 milliion and in one week has made over 40 and that’s not counting oversea’s. Movie will well recoup it cost and make a profit.

  14. Unfortunately Tom’s crazy CO$ affiliation has cost him an audience. Everytime I look at him I see him in a narcissistic CO$ light. He’s a scary dude, just like Miscaviage. This just colours his movie career….I hope he gets out and gets help soon.

  15. Tom Cruise has been a Scientologist for almost as long as he has been acting, and at least as long as his star status, so has it or will it cost him “an audience” not likely. Tom Cruise will go the way of those before him, it’s inevitable. But he has Clint Eastwood as an example and can always transition into producing and directing full-time and acting part-time or cameos.

  16. This movie could have been awesome if they would only stop it 30 minutes earlier. Its like the director decided to quit and Tom Cruise took over those last 30 minutes.

  17. Even the studio has admitted that JACK REACHER is a commercial disappointment; and this turkey debuted right on the corrosive heels of ROCK OF AGES, an absolute financial disaster. The public has exiled itself from the self-destructive Cruise. His fabricated “marriage” to Katie Holmes was deployed to circumvent speculation about his lifestyle (and, this time, it really backfired! Cruise will be subsequently linked to hot starlets in an effort to further perpetuate the camouflage). He endorses a quasi-theology (founded by a pulp-writing hack) that cruises upon mega-$$$ donations; and Cruise’s TV appearances have been undisciplined disasters, all fragile soap boxes for his medicinal platitudes. Sure, last year’s MI sequel was a hit but patrons pandered to the f/x and trailers (a chimp could have been cast in Cruise’s role and the film still would have minted money. The studio cautiously deflected any sort of pigeonholing as a “Tom Cruise movie”). The arrogance and bearding (the spirit gum has eroded) have killed a career and opened the doors for younger talent and even some deserved comebacks (Ben Affleck). Personally, I’m more repulsed by comments posted by anti-Semites and racists on this site; yeah, the Scientology sucker-bait is a cash cow but you idiots are obviously meditating Hitler’s convictions.

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