Can you believe it? Keep in mind Paris is cold and dreary in January – the temperature is around 35 degrees. Hardly weather for SHORTS and crochet leggings. Does Kris think she’s a runway model? What must the employees at stores like Chanel and Dior THINK when Kris walks in? Is she giving Americans a bad name? Quite possibly.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News



  1. Everyone must laugh at this old sow and at all Americans. We know the trash Kardashian family doesn’t represent most Americans or their values.

    No family has been as much a disgrace to Americans or their race as this group who is happy to service BLACKS too and fro!

  2. What can she be thinking? She does embarass herself by dressing this way. Why not wear an elegant outfit? She certainly can afford it. Just plain dumb and tasteless-she needs some help.

  3. She would have looked great…..IF SHE HAD REMEMBERED TO WEAR A SKIRT!!!!!

  4. She got gang banged by five Oakland Raiders in the late 70s when she worked as a stewardess. She’s a narcissistic pig who craves any attention-good or bad.

  5. Anyone who would encourage her child to make a sex tape, market it, and then still act as if the whole thing was NOT planned is obviously manipulative trash. This photo is more proof that there are NO limits when it comes to degrading yourself/others for attention or profit.

  6. She looks like she added ten pounds of filler into her cheeks, storing nuts for the winter

  7. Almost nobody has a good thing to say for any of the Kartrashians. I don’t understand who buys their crap and why they’re still on the air!

  8. To sum up all of the above spot-on comments:

    The pitiful thing is desperately mentally ill. She needs to be committed, first bringing out the men in the little white coats to bind her up and throw her in a padded cell. Sorry, but she has just done too much that is so wrong.

  9. Looks like she raided Bruce’s closet. Bruce looks stunning in those stockings. Kris….. Well not so much.

  10. Poor little imposter….so loves the limelight!

    The sad fact is that if people weren’t buying their promoted junk they would not be getting paid big $$$.

    Bob and Patrick are two but who else crave the Kardashian Kollection?

  11. Where is T/Tom/Tommy on the subject?

    Has BLACK Morgan Freeman also pounded her?

  12. This woman has no dignity. She’s exploited her family to the hilt and she dresses like a low rent hooker to shop in Paris. Granny needs to put it away.

  13. People think she and her family are trash, and yet there continues to be a TV show and products. Like @Kitty I have no idea who is buying this crap or watching their ridiculous “reality” show.

  14. There must be no mirrors in France. Pathetic older woman trying to be young

  15. She is SO gorgeous! I still want to know where to buy those stockings. So hotttttttt!!!!

  16. Poor little imposter…escaped from the Call Center to try and post a funny. It is so trying to be like Strom but just cant.

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