All is not well in Bon Joviland. Richie Sambora’s bandmates in Bon Jovi are NOT thrilled with his escalating romance with Denise Richards. “When Denise is around the band is polite but not really friendly. They miss Heather. ” Jon Bon Jovi, who married his childhood sweetheart Dorothea, LOOKS like a player but he’s actually a devoted family man. “He has plenty of opportunities but he doesn’t fool around with fans” says an insider close to the band. Jon and the other bandmembers love Richie’s ex Heather and “they don’t say anything to Richie, but behind his back they think he’s a fool. They think Heather was filet mignon and Richie chose hamburger.”

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  1. This is total bullshit. When Richie and Heather broke up, there were all these stories about what a bitch Heather was and how none of the band members or their wives liked her. Now it’s the same bullshit with Denise and since Heather is not around, how much they miss her.

  2. richards is an upgrade in terms of looks.
    but she her relationship with sambora makes her seem desperate, conniving and completely callous.
    let your pussy air out before moving onto the next man.
    dudes, let your dick dry off before sticking it into another broad.
    they moved too quickly with this relationship and the shit is suspect.
    it LOOKS as of sambora and rochrads were having a THING all along.
    it LOOKS tacky!

  3. I think Heather Locklear is much better looking than Denise Richards. I think Denise took great advantage of a situation she had intimate knowledge of. She pounced on Richie.

  4. Sambora got fat, Richards got pathetic and Heather hit the wall. Whatever happened to dignity and grace?

  5. Heather is a pill popping addict! Richie needs to spill the beans.
    Denise went through hell with whorehopping freak Charlie and deserves some happiness.

  6. There is a reason the JBJ does not cheat on Dorothea. JBJ has a very small, almost non-existent penis. I mean smaller than a finger.
    He married because he is ashamed of being laughed at repeatedly for this.

  7. I agree with the second post.
    I read several stories about how much the band hated Heather because she was too much of a diva. Now they love her?
    It does not make sense.

  8. Until Richie settles down with someone who is not in the business and does not draw attention away from the band, they are not going to like whomever he dates because then the story is about Richie and that person, not the band. Yeah they may not have liked Heather but it is a sure bet they do not like Denise either.

  9. They’re both trailer trash and deserve each other. As usual, the real victims in this type of bed-hopping are the children. Do these people ever think of the impact on their kids? No, they’re too self absorbed and selfish.

  10. Wasn’t Denise rumoured to be a Heidi Fleiss girl and that’s how she met Charlie? Sambora has gotten fat but I’d still do him. I think Jon Bon Jovi’s bi. I hate his strident singing voice and he ain’t much of a songwriter. All the songs that were hits he had help from the pro’s, like Desmond Child.

  11. Heather is and always has been a very NICE person, with great parents, good education, good family background. She was a babysitter in our neighborhood. She’s a very loving, upstanding person.

  12. Heather dumped him! It doesn’t matter whether they liked her better or not. She didn’t want to be with him anymore and while I think it is very bad form to start dating the estranged husband of someone you used to be friends with, Denise did NOT break up Heather and Richie’s marriage! If Richie can find some happiness with someone then, as a long-time fan, I am happy for him. I honestly don’t think that Denise is the bad guy in this situation. She showed bad form in getting involved with him but she wasn’t the cause of his marriage breaking up. Heather dumped him, not the other way around.

  13. This site is just determined to make it seem as if Richie wants Heather back. Richie just made his public statement that he’s with Denise, he loves Denise & Heather can continue with her appearances at restaurants & karoakes & Heather can continue with her problemed partying. Richie done with her, get it????

  14. i mean..what..ever??? i practically laughed my guts out reading the comments. guys..just..leave the people alone. oh and by the way, jon and richie are THE GREATEST SONGRWITERS EVER. i have now made my point. have a nice day.

  15. hey this is random i know but has bonjovi ever cheated on dorothea?

  16. Jon has always said that he has never been a saint while married to dorothea but I think since the kids came he has changed. He has said he would rather be dead than without his family so I don’t think he would risk it. Also think he does really love his wife. Said earlier this year that he adores her more everyday. Also do think the band liked Heather, there was often photos of Jon,dot, Richie and Heather together and Richie once said that Dot and Heather dig each other.

  17. Jon has said that he has not been a saint during his marriage but I think this was more during the early part and since having kids he has settled down. He has said that he would rather be dead than without his family so I don’t think he would risk it. Recently he said he adores his wife more every day. There have been lots of photos in the past of jon and dot with richie and heather together so I don’t think it is true that they didn’t like heather and richie said that heather and dorothea dig each other.

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