This courtroom sketch of Taylor Swift is incredible in its awfulness, but we are SO proud of Taylor for taking the time to follow through on this lawsuit and reveal former radio host David Mueller for the smarmy lout that he is. Obviously he didn’t know WHO he was taking on here! He had the colossal nerve to sue Swift after she told his boss he groped her and the boss decided to fire him. Swift’s testimony in court has been confident, smart, and to the point. Mueller’s own actions caused his termination. His goose is justifiably cooked and we wonder if he still has that girlfriend in the photograph of the incident…

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI



  1. Its’ ???

    Frequent typos like this have their own special awfulness.

  2. Re the girlfriend: wonder no more; she was a “former” within days (hours?) of his being justifiably sh*t-canned from his job.

    This David Mueller seems not just determined to go down hard, but to go DOWN IN FLAMES. We’re guessing the lawsuit was his only possibility of generating income, since he is now unemployable.

    That he could somehow justify his actions–and claim he was “just touching her ribcage”–when there is photographic proof to the contrary, is bizarre.

    He destroyed five devices containing the evidence; guess he missed one! Whoopsie.

  3. And don’t get us started on the abysmal state of the courtroom artist’s work. Worse, this seems to be a trend: the sketches of the man accused of murdering his wife on that Alaska Princess Cruise look like they were drawn–literally–by a toddler.

    We knew a wonderful artist back in the day, whose court-proceedings sketches really were works of art.

    (And she also had personal Hollywood history–she was a niece of former MGM Head of Production Dore Schary. Susan, hope you’re well, wherever you are. 🙂 )

  4. Seems very over-blown to me. her mother was way over the top, the bodyguard did nothing. seems kind of shady all way around. If Taylor is so awesome a nice slap on the face in real time would have been the right move.

  5. Like anyone in such a situation, the more she thought about it, the angrier she likely became.

    Calls were made, and to no one’s surprise, Mueller was fired. Think he would have got away with grabbing the ass of Station Manager’s wife at the company Christmas party?

    He was A FOOL to think he could get away unscathed.

    But his REAL mistake was in suing Swift–years after the fact, no less.

    Maybe he just really wanted to find out what abject poverty is like first-hand, with 6-figure lawyers’ fees added-on for good measure.

    Whatever, the only “shady” behavior here is the way he tried to erase an eye-witnessed, documented act. AND get paid for it.

    Taylor Swift is a significant industry unto herself; and a very profitable one.

    You mess with the bull, you get the horns.

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