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Katie Holmes and Suri happily walk to school together in the morning while mom sips coffee. Since Suri started school and has been around other children, she seems to have realized she’s too big a girl to be carried by her mother and she’s acting more grown up.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Anyone that has followed the TOMKAT bandwagon can only notice the dramatic change in Suri Cruise since Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorced. Suri now attends school and is around other children, is slowly beginning to walk on her own instead of being carried by Katie, and seems to be doing more kid stuff (in public) as we have seen in photos (learning to ride a bike, walking on her own, going to a public playground, not going out late at night like before (she needs to sleep since she goes to school in the morning), and seems a bit happier or normal (at least there are more pictures of her smiling). Katie doesn’t look like a stepford wife (sad and spaced out looking), and has even gained a bit of weight (she’s not heavy) she just seems to have gained a bit of weight which probably means she doesn’t have the Cruise Control Team monitoring her and Suri’s every move. Standouts for Suri: we see less of Katie carrying a blanket, or stuffed toys, or bottles for Suri to carry. Whatever they are doing I think (if she needs it), Katie is getting Suri whatever treatment or education she might need for her daughter. Tom Cruise appears to be physically out of sight and according to their mouthpieces (pr people), Cruise calls Suri everyday via telephone and Skytype. I guess he now knows how Nicole Kidman felt communicating to Isabella and Connor via the Internet.

  2. If you compare Suri pre divorce it seems whoever was calling the shots on raising her was babying Suri to a point that she would be seen carried by Katie wrapped in a blanket, stimming, going to the home schooled route (nothing wrong), but being isolated from the public and children her age that Suri appeared very shy and didn’t like the paparazzi (can you blame her?) but to an extreme that she would give them hard looks. She’s not the only celebrity child with the paparazzi after her (Nahla, Halle Berry’s daughter, Jennifer Gardner’s children, Brad Pitts children, Nicole Ritchie’s kids, Gwen Stefani’s kids, etc), but we are beginning to see Suri appear more and more normal. Good for her. Hope it all works out for Suri, Katie, and Cruise. I get the feeling Cruise is not going to be a big presence in Suri’s life and she’ll work that out too. She’s got a monthly allowance and money does not replace love but there are many single parent mothers out there that would appreciate the extra $$$. They could live comfortably with $33,000 a month plus all her living, education, and medical expenses paid. Hope we see less and less of Suri and the paparrazi back off and let her become anonoymous.

  3. Both Suri and Katie look so happy are so well rid of TC and his CoS goons who interfered with Katie’s ability to parent her child. Suri’s hair is brushed, she’s wearing a coat, walking on her own, attending a non CoS school and getting to live a much more grounded life. I am so happy to see this.

  4. Great to see Suri smiling. We’ve just haven’t seen her in sneakers yet.

  5. I bet Katie’s lawyers fixed it where the tiny one pays Suri’s bodyguards which she must constantly have. The kid would be worth big bucks kidnapped. BTW, hope the bodyguards don’t have ties to SCIentology, as that would be another danger.

  6. Wow, she can actually walk. Good to see that Katie is no longer carting that kid around. They look normal.

  7. Clearly Tom has distanced himself from Suri, I dont want to hear any of that “he’s working on movies”’s just insane

  8. If she is not CoS any more, isn’t Tom supposed to shun her? I’m sure I read that somewhere or other. Maybe Katie pulled out the DNA card and since Tom knows Suri is not biologically his he has no right to her.

  9. I agree Palermo this isn’t Tom’s kid biologically and that’s why he didn’t fight it he knew it would’ve come out if forced

  10. He is supposed to shun her but it’s just shocking that he would actually do it after the way he doted on her

  11. I think the following would be Tom’s ideal way to live and it’s jmho.

    Marry a gal already in Scientology, steeped in Scientology, and pledged her soul to Scientology.

    This would be a sham marriage and the tiny Hitler could carry on being what he really is: GAY.

  12. PS: His SCI wife would never question him, because she would be so enamored of being hitched to a star.

    Tommy would continue his gay affair(s), one being possibly with David Miscavage. 🙁

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