Even though they’re both Brits, new parents Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse are putting down roots – in the San Fernando Valley! According to my real estate source, the Twilight actor and the singer/model have been touring homes in Studio City, California, specifically those that are in the Carpenter school district. Robert and Suki are big advocates of public schools, and want their child to eventually attend the Carpenter school in Studio City, which is one of the top rated public schools in the state – so that explains why they’re focusing their search in the somewhat unlikely area.

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When you think of carpooling parents you might not think of Beyoncé, but as unbelievable as it sounds, she’s actually one of them. Beyoncé’s kids attend a private school in LA (we aren’t naming the school or the location for privacy) but nonetheless you will love this item. The school has a strict “no nanny” policy – meaning all children MUST be dropped off and picked up by a parent or legal guardian. The pricey school is popular with celebrity parents along with movers and shakers, so Beyoncé has joined a carpool. Either she or Jay Z take turns shuffling a group of kids to school along with a group of other A-list parents. Tuition can run $50,000 per year for the elementary school, but even with the high price tag the rule is set in stone with no exceptions, EVER!

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Hi Readers,
We are going to try something new. As a one-woman operation, writing this website is a time-consuming task. We hear a lot of great gossip but don’t have the staff and resources of other websites like TMZ, so they occasionally break the story first. That doesn’t mean we don’t have some exclusive details, so we are going to call this weekly feature, HERE’S WHAT WE KNOW. As the title implies, we will update you on what we know about items you might read elsewhere. Just because we didn’t write it first, doesn’t mean we don’t have some good tea to share! So here we go:

Everyone is talking about Tish Cyrus stealing her husband Dominic (Prison Break) Purcell from her daughter, Noah. Here’s what we know… Noah WAS casually dating Dominic before Tish hooked up with him, but the gals were already estranged before the betrayal. Noah and her mom Tish have been on the outs over Billy Ray Cyrus. Noah is a daddy’s girl and took his side when Tish finally pulled the plug on the marriage. On the other hand, Noah’s big sister Miley sided with her mom, and is now estranged from Billy Ray…

Kayne West is back to posting direct pleas to his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian on social media. His latest one urged her to take their kids out of what he calls “system school” (which some took to be leaning into antisemitism.) We DO know that Kim called a meeting with lawyers since the social media post apparently violated their custody agreement by naming the school where the kids are enrolled. Huge safety concern for Kim – so she’s using this an ammunition to get full custody. We will keep you posted.

Finally, Stephen Baldwin raised concerns about the state of his daughter Hailey’s marriage to Justin Bieber when he asked fans and his social media followers to pray for the couple. Here’s what we know: We already told you the marriage was in trouble and that the couple were in therapy and spending time apart. This time we beat the other websites in revealing this, so we will say it again, WE TOLD YA SO!

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Like many 17-year-olds, Barron Trump is applying to colleges and he plans on going AWAY to school, far, far away.  Now that his father is running for President again, Barron wants to get as far away as he can from the political craziness, so that means leaving the country! Barron gets decent grades, and is hoping to get accepted into Cambridge or Oxford – two of the top universities in the UK. Unlike his half siblings, 6’7″ Barron prefers to stay OUT of the spotlight and feels studying abroad makes the most sense. (Indeed, he does look uncomfortable in every photo we see of him) Here’s the kicker – his loving mom Melania is planning to move across the pond if Barron gets accepted as a student in England…hmmm


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Bradley Cooper should get an award from some parental or children’s organization because he meets his daughter Lea at her school and walks her home EVERY day that he’s in New York. (When he’s working, Lea’s mom takes her home) No nannies involved. Has anybod,y else had a father who did that? A father who happens to be a major MOVIE STAR? MY father never walked me home from school and I don’t remember my mother doing it either. (Of course in the old days, streets weren’t as treacherous) Hopefully Lea will appreciate what a loving father she has…

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This 2007 happy photo of Tom Cruise with Katie Holmes, Victoria and David Beckham and Will and Jada Smith is very revealing. When Tom married the popular Katie, he gained access to celebrities that he wanted to convert to scientology. This group was seen at many events together. Tom was dead-set on recruiting David Beckham and even built to soccer field on scientology property to lure him, but it didn’t work, according to Mike Rinder in his new book. Tom DID influence Will and especially Jada, enough to open a scientology school for young kids in 2008. It was called the New Village Leadership Academy, and featured images of L Ron Hubbard on the walls, and scientology books and philosophies. The elementary school ran out of money in 2013 and closed. In 2015 Will cut ties with Tom Cruise.

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Here’s a situation that a lot of kids and parents can identify with this week. Back in LA, Olivia Wilde dropped her kids off for their first day of school in a very long time and it was quite emotional. The family spent most of the summer in Europe where Olivia’s ex Jason Sudeikis was working and Olivia was living with her new boyfriend Harry Styles. Fortunately they all seem to get along. It helps that Jason’s new series Ted Lasso is a big hit…

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Cher is on her Here We Go Again tour in London, but she’s keeping tabs on the US news. She offered to pay legal expenses for the Wisconsin school district security guard who was fired under outrageous circumstances. The black guard repeated the n-word when asking a student to stop calling him the same slur! The school touts the fact that they have a “zero tolerance policy” and the guard was terminated. Negative publicity inspired the school board to “review their policy,” but this entire n-word situation is getting out of hand…

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Madonna wasn’t in the mood to be noticed at JFK so she disguised herself as a college girl in her hooded puffy jacket, letter sweater, and snappy track pants. Even her braids worked with the outfit, but the odd hat (a hat AND a hood?) and tinted glasses gave her away…

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She may have decided to allow Rocco to live where he wants (with his father Guy Ritchie in the UK) but Madonna will keep an eye on him in her own way. Before the school year commenced Madonna had consultations with Rocco’s new teachers. It looks like she turned on the charm and plans to keep in close touch with the school staff from a distance. (Above, she appears to be buttering up a teacher at the new school – you can bet SOMEBODY will be reporting back to her!) She certainly DRESSED for the occasion – when is the last time we saw Madonna in a bow neck blouse and long skirt?

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