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Katie Holmes is trying to cram a whole lot of normalcy into Suri’s life before she attends school for the first time this fall. They just returned from visiting Katie’s family members in the Midwest and Suri met her cousins for the first time. Flying commercial and schlepping their own luggage through the airport was a new experience for Suri. Katie wants Suri to get used to playing with kids her own age and sharing her toys.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. And good for Katie, for wanting to make Suri’s life as normal and REAL as possible. If Suri were still with Tiny Tom the Troll, he’d hire somebody to ride the bike FOR her. So detached from normal life, that man. Suri is young, and needs to learn that her rarefied lifestyle with dear ol’ Dad isn’t what’s important in life. She needs to start building memories, like other little girls her age. I applaud Katie loudly!

  2. she will be normal when she wants to get that really neat pair of sneakers her best girl friend has.

  3. Katie looks haggard, which I guess is natural with a pampered kid like Suri. Katie is going to have to do a fine balancing act, what with the tiny one giving Suri anything she asks for. When Katie tells her she cannot have everything she wants, watch for the kid to scream…’my daddy will get it for me’. I think that is part of Tom’s plan so Katie will look like the bad parent and Suri will want to live with him, thereby opening the door for SCIentology counseling/clearing sessions for a 6 yr. old.

    **There was a pic of Tom w/ Suri in DisneyLand. Tommy looked about 5 foot 6 inches, with sneakers on and of course without shoe lifts. LOL

  4. I’m sure Tom Thumb isolated her from Katie’s family while having all his weirdo scientology family living with them. I really don’t understand how the evil one still has a career.

  5. She is such a wonderfully hands-on mom. Glad she is away from the cult and what’s-his-name.

  6. I’m glad Katie is trying! Suri has a long way to go, but what better place than New York? Hopefully, soon, Suri will look as normal as the kid riding next to her.

  7. If she goes camping then she is finally free from the sin of being rich and pampered? She is said to tell her mother she loves her openly and chats about many things they do like dance and gymnastics., I’ve seen her with other children before and she’s wasn’t having a problem being with them. Katie isn’t holding her back .. Tom was..

  8. Maybe now she won’t have to be carried everywhere like an infant. But she’ll probably have those training wheels on the bike until she’s 18.

  9. As stated before, when Suri is with the tiny one, she will be given SCIentology lessons.

    When she is with Katie, she will be going to the elite Catholic school and learning Catechism.

    Her mind will be royally f***ed up. Poor little rich girl.

  10. Hmmm…I wonder why she is not carrying Suri WHILE she is sitting on her bike.

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