Cannot IMAGINE what got into Pam Anderson that she even entertained the NOTION of marrying the disreputable Jon Peters, who is commonly known in Hollywood as another Harvey Weinstein. (She didn’t google him?) Peters started as a hairdresser and used women like Barbra Streisand to climb the ladder of success and become a Hollywood “producer.” He’s notorious as a sexual harasser and predator who’s been sued numerous times by employees – he once exposed himself to his personal assistant AND her two year old daughter! She won her case and collected 3 million. Peters is also renowned for the nasty rages, threats, and vulgarity that he got away with for years. Pam needs to have her head examined…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


  1. Ah, but what choice did she have–really?

    It’s well known around town that poor Pammy Jo is FLAT BROKE (Her former co-star John Hasselhoff quips: “She used to run on the beach, but now all she does is run from bill collectors!”)–and Petri specimen though he may be, Peters paid off her immediate debt, some $200 grand.

    He also bought her some desperately needed clothing– as her “resort wear separates from the Kohl’s Kollection” was TRAGIC in its obvious cheapness and poor construction. 🙁

    Sadly, he did NOT attend to her fried hair. We suspect that before things got that far (Surely he would have offered her a discount on a cut and marcell wave!); Jon must have uttered the dreaded “Pre-nup,” and of course Pam’s high decibel reaction had dogs barking from 3 miles down the beach.

    If these two wacky kids can’t make it–so obviously in love!!–what hope is there for the rest of us??! 😀

  2. She’s a ho. Simple as that. Her phony charity isn’t bringing in any money so she had to hit up a vile ex to pay some bills.

  3. Wanted to add: this very morning we made the donation of a VO-5 Hot Oil Intensive Care Kit–to the Pamela Anderson Foundation, where the need is great, and we know it won’t be wasted.

    And let’s keep in mind: Pam also has two 30-something slackers to provide for (Son Dylan to Pam during “The Recent Unpleasant Incident at The Cashier’s Window at The Del Taco Drive-Thru”: “C’mon, Mom!! Can’t you, like, go and like, marry somebody??!”)!

    Thoughts and prayers. 😀

  4. THIS is what crossed the line for you, Janet?! Pamela Anderson has been a hot mess for decades!

  5. Wow, Janet, you should organize a Men Hater’s Club. I can’t imagine what you’ve been through in your life that you constantly see men as the enemy, and all women as victims. Jon Peters might be a rat, but he’s carried a torch for Pammy for years; she’s flat broke, and used his infatuation with her to her own advantage. She married him, he paid off her debts, and she dumped him. Hard to tell the villains from the victims, isn’t it?

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