Tallulah Willis joins her sister Scout for a night out at The Nice Guy

She’s been campaigning to legalize toplessness for women, so it makes sense that Scout Willis, 24, would flaunt a provocative look at a party. Scout arrived at the W party at The Nice Guy in Hollywood wearing a 1940’s style fur chubby jacket over a cut-off sheer negligee. Visible under the negligee dress is a red bra and girdle with garters peeking out. This girl loves her vintage lingerie. Scout has interned in the wardrobe department for a couple of movies, but her fashion ambitions are still not clear.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


  1. What does she do?

    I know she was running around NY topless to protest Instagram’s nudity policy. Never fully understood that one.

    God only knows the Hollywood craziness that the she and her two sisters were exposed to over the years.

    I would like to see her and all of her sisters in good career paths (and not necessarily in show business).

  2. Yes, Pit Bull LOVER. I saw where Bowie had passed after his struggle with cancer. Sad for his wife, 2 kids and all those that loved him.

  3. Dang this girl is trashy looking. Up stream is Jamie fox’s girl, she looks classy and is getting a top notch education at USC.

  4. i don’t think she is on anything
    i think its just a real sucky picture

  5. Rumer attended one semester at USC. Scout graduated from Brown. I don’t know about Tallulah. If you aren’t born with the looks, you have to be willing to have a lot of surgery, or you do something else with your life. Hollywood is unforgiving. Who wants to be a part of that? Didn’t Ashton and Demi start a Foundation related to the fight against human trafficking? Seems like a great Foundation for these young women to get involved in and try to gain respect.

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