Britney Spears’ 27 year old boyfriend Sam Asghari is madly in love with his expensive new 4 door custom Jeep Rubicon. It has all the bells and whistles and cost a pretty penny. Is he a bit early in celebrating Britney’s emancipation from her father’s strict conservatorship? Today the judge denied her request to replace dad Jamie immediately. Sam is counting the days until Britney is free to do as she pleases…

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  1. He is counting the days until he has access to her money. Who cares, she is obviously in some sort of mental state, so if she wants to piss her money away, as she certainly will, let her.

  2. Britney must be quite mentally ill and needs the conservatorship to keep her from falling off the edge.

    Her behavior recently is a red flag that she is not well, mentally. That is why the conservatorship is still in place.

    I hope they give her a little more freedom, but not enough to take her back down the wrong road. She seems like a nice person, but one who needs constant guidance and monitoring.

  3. I thought boyfriend on payroll ($500,000) as chef .. with papa approval which makes him suspect. NO WORRIES fools… Britney’s new attorney is a bad mofu… this whole battle is more about Jamie sticking his hand in cookie jar than Britney’s mental health. She will remain under treatment but the theft is uncovered. Papa was hoping to keep her hillbilly butt drugged to the nines so she couldn’t figure out the financial pillage…BUSTED….if only he had been as good at pimping as Mama Kris.. but no he will be driven back into the bottle of vodka… maybe Britney will have a chance to grow up and thrive even if she has a mental illness. The money machine is turned off… but maybe Jamie Lynn is willing to carry the family on her back… nah she was crying to a three year old the other day.

  4. I hope all those Free Britney fans are going to pay her bills when the boyfriend plows through her money…

  5. CALM DOWN PEOPLE! That new attorney has that IRONCLAD pre nup at the ready. He’s suss to me cause he was under Jamie paycheck and was hoping to take a page of the Jamie playbook… WE SEE YOU and her super fans are WATCHING! she’s not getting hands on all of her millions… sorry not going to happen but nice try, Jamie…. hope you saved some funds.

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