WE can’t help but wonder how Roseanne, who has always been proud of being “outspoken,” is reacting to ABC canceling her hit series. She must be IN SHOCK. It clearly never occurred to her that something like this might happen to the #1 sitcom. Will this jolt her into reevaluating herself? We feel awful for all her costars and the crew on the Roseanne show. Sara Gilbert worked SO hard to revive the show and she talked everyone into coming back. Roseanne’s self-indulgent moment of insanity on Twitter cost a lot of people a lot of money – and security. It’s tragic.

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  1. I’m surprised this garbage was allowed on television

  2. Blame ABC. They are the ones that put everyone out of work. That gasbag Joy Behar has said things more offensive than Roseanne and her show hasn’t been canceled. Just another liberal smackdown. Believe me, they were looking for a way to get rid of her. Seems like your freedom of speech is protected as long as your a lefty. Sickening abuse of power.

    Had she dogged Trump, not one thing would have happened.

  3. What Roseanne said was stupid but it’s not criminal for heaven’s sake. It was a joke in very poor taste. The thing that bugs me though is the hypocrisy. If any random celebrity said something similar about Trump or made a remark viewed as racist about white people they would have been celebrated. The same standard should apply to everyone and we all know it doesn’t which is why Steve Harvey still has a job.

    And as Janet correctly pointed out a lot of people lost their jobs today because of ABC’s overreaction. These people did nothing wrong so why should they be punished? Roseanne already apologized and IMO that should be enough.

  4. I completely agree with Enough Already. There is so much hypocrisy floating around. It’s sad to hear it’s cancelled, I really enjoyed the first rebooted season.

  5. I smell a Republican run for president! Roseanne’s crazy, she’s racist, and she knows how to tweet.

  6. Her excuse was she thought the woman was Jewish. Oh that makes it ok? wtf.

  7. Comparing a black woman to an ape isn’t a joke! Roseanne is a seriously mentally ill woman that belongs in a padded cell. Ambien didn’t cause her racist tweet & Michelle Obama didn’t cause the show to be cancelled.

  8. We are now at the point where whenever anyone gets offended, heads must roll. This is a serious threat to open communication and exchange of ideas. We have the liberals telling us what is and what isn’t allowed to be said. I call bulls**t on that. Just because you are offended doesn’t make you right. It seems that every group/race/religion is off limits. Unless you are a white Christian, then anyone can feel free to offend that group. Speak up! DOn’t let any liberal blowhards tell you what you are allowed to say. People will get offended. They will get over it.

  9. Rosanne brilliant OUTTED Valerie Jared..Put this traitor on the map..You’ll see.

  10. I watched Roseanne and Tom Arnold on a talk show years back. This is when she was an extreme liberal. She said ( paraphrasing here) all pro life people should line up, holding hands, stand on a railroad track and let the train come and finish them off. No one was fired, no jobs lost. Agree or not with the subject, I was a terrible thing to say.

  11. ABC did the right thing.

    If she had gotten away with this tweet, the next one would have been even worse.

    I hope ABC makes a concerted effort to re-employ the innocent victims who lost their jobs.

  12. Never a fan of her show. She deserved to lose her job.
    Same for Joy Reid and Joy Behar and many others.

  13. Why hasn’t Steve Harvey been shitcanned?

  14. The old Roseanne Barr Show was hilarious. To me & our family, actress Laurie Metcalf made the show.

    Roseanne is an amazing writer, comedian and comedic actress. Sadly, she has always seemed to have had mental issues. I remember her constantly blurting out crazy things for the past two or three decades. I think her head injury at 16 may have caused some bizarre type of Tourette Syndrome for her. I’m not upholding her I am simply trying to figure her out.

    I’m confused and surprised by her support of Trump and for her racist comment. That just doesn’t seem like who she use to be. She has a gay sister and brother. Plus, she comes from a Jewish family.

    Remember, this is the same woman that accused her mom and dad of incest and later recanted stating that she wanted to make them mad and perhaps, she used the wrong wording.

    It’s disturbing to see such a funny, strong & smart woman make such a hurtful comment. I hope this is the end such hateful tweets.

  15. One of the funniest episodes of the MONK series was when Laurie Metcalf was a guest on the show. (Mr. Monk Bumps His Head Episode). It’s hysterical.

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