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Paris Hilton is watching her world fall apart. It appears her glory days are behind her. Americans voted her the “least trusted celebrity” and don’t want whatever she’s selling, including her reality show. “The World According to Paris” was cancelled by Oxygen after one season. Paparazzi aren’t waiting outside her house any more. The Kardashians and Jersey Shore people are getting all those lucrative hosting jobs at Las Vegas nightclubs. All those freebies- clothing, jewelry, cars, trips, – just aren’t pouring in like they used to. She wasn’t invited to her former friend Kim Kardashian’s fancy wedding. She’s 30, and Paris hoped to be married by now to a billionaire of some kind, but she doesn’t even have a boyfriend. It might not be a bad idea to go back to school and get an education.


  1. Unfortunately Janet, she has that big ole trust fund to fall back on. But I do agree that getting an education would be a good thing.

  2. No talent and reported STD’s but offset by very rich parents. She should be happy to be out of the fame hungry Kardashain and J Lo Merry Go Round.

    On her sex tape Ric Solomon was tearing her up anally, just as BLACK Puffy Combs did to J Lo and the Arab is doing regularly to Janet Jackson.

  3. Casonia Logenberry...Hells kitchen Tommy please speak up more!Elisa was trying to throw you under the Bus with the Beef Wellingtons and you really layed into her and..I Really like that action from you? Elisa you claim you never make the same mistake twic says:

    People only want to be her friend for all the wrong reasons? Leach or Bum or two faced back stabbing people that are trying to get your money and are not really into you and that is pretty sad people that are not looking for what they can get and Gold Digging cheap ass people and are just playing at being your friend. I thought why are people fighting to be your friend and it is all for the wrong reason.

  4. Thank goodness Paris is finally get what she deserves….

    a BIG Fat nothing!!

    This broad probably hasn’t done one shred of hard manual labor in her life. I would love to see her have to actually WORK for her money, I know this will never happen, but the thought is nice. Go away Paris and don’t hurry back!!

  5. So her 5 minutes are up. Too bad so many Americans lapped up all of her merchandise like it was ice cream. Ashamed of yourself yet America?

  6. Now, if people would also dump all the other fame whores. I don’t feel at all sorry for this famous for nothing, never really worked a day in her life, rich bitch.

  7. I don’t know who is more offensive strom who hates everybody especially miniorities or pippa who is always critical of the U.S. What a sad life you lead.

  8. Don’t want to hear any more about her, OK? She has no talent and her claim to fame is that she can screw and spend.

  9. I thought it was the other way around, Paris Hilton sabotaged Lindsey Lohan’s career.
    Lohan HAD the acting career Hilton wanted but can not have due to lack of talent, a vapid and spiteful demeanor and average looks.
    There IS a difference between being a nubile 22 year old and an overexperienced 30 year old.

  10. Actually, Strom doesn’t hate anyone and is open to correction on any erroneous posts.

  11. “Old Pussy” at 30 !!! Yikes. A sad commentary, indeed. 🙁

    But—and here’s the nice thing—of all the thousands of things she’s worn in all the thousands of pictures that have been shoved in our faces over the years, I have to admit (and I’m no fashion plate, just an observer), that the outfit she’s wearing above is beautiful; it’s very flattering and a surprisingly subtle look for her.

  12. Oh, and lovin’ how the driver’s expression says, “Yeah. I tapped that on the way here.”

  13. Please let this same thing happen to all the Kardashians soon. Please.

  14. Shucks, poor lil’ Miss Muffet is no longer relevant. Is that a tear I feel coming on? Nope, just an eyelash. Go get a job wench, do something positive with your life.

  15. On her sex tape Ric Solomon was tearing her up anally, just as BLACK Puffy Combs did to J Lo and the Arab is doing regularly to Janet Jackson.

    By Sue
    On August 28, 2011 at

    Please let this same thing happen to all the Kardashians soon. Please.

    I think it does, regularly!

  16. She’ll miss the Fame and attention more than the money….poor Paris.

  17. ” tearing her up anally”

    that is just sick and nasty- what a sick imagination- you don’t know what is being done to anybody- but you have a sick mind that can conjure up all kinds of nasty stuff.

  18. Jealous Bitches. She’s still a multimillionaire. You’re not.

  19. I don’t care if she wipes with hundreds.

    She’s still a washed-up whore at 30.

  20. Actually she was so proud of it she put it in her pay per view video.

  21. Strom dear, you seem to have an unhealthy obsession with anal sex. Is there something you’d like to share with us? 🙂

  22. May she learn from her mistakes and become a better person; that goes for ALL OF US.

  23. Now, Janet, be fair.

    TIME Magazine named Paris “America’s Bicycle, 2011” 🙂

  24. When Conrad Hilton died in 1979, he left nothing in his will to his children or other descendants. Barron Hilton contested this decision and won in 1988. It is presumed that when Barron Hilton dies his children will decide to also contest his will to gain access to that $1.1 billion. Paris Hilton’s parents also own a $30.5 million mansion in Bel Air, a $12.3 million estate in the Hamptons, and a $10 million house in the Hollywood Hills in which she and her sister stay to give them privacy and for easy access to clubs in Los Angeles.

  25. I’m not going to lie, I always liked Paris, did I ever buy any of her things she was pimping…hell no! But at least she was the celebrity whore originator, Kim k was her asst/her slave and just kinda stole Paris’s scthick. I really hope those kardashians are done. I don’t care if they keep making money…I just don’t want to hear about them ever again.

    These are things kim copied:

    sex tape sold to same company
    reality shows
    endorsement deals
    carls jr commercial
    Vegas appearances

    coincidence I think not!

  26. By Hoffa,

    actually I think Kim K could school Paris in the art of “pimping”. Paris wishes she would have been this smart. Well the actual brains behind Kim’s whole operation is of course, her Mom. Smart, smart lady!!

  27. She desperately needs to get saved (born again). And the sad thing is she does not even know she is desperate. Amen.

  28. ^^^PS^^^: The little jail stint she had did nothing to help her morally or spiritually. You can’t legislate these two things.

  29. Please please take the Kartrashians, Lohans, Spears and Jersey shore gang with you!

  30. When she was on Barbara Walters a while back and stated that she was much more grown up now.
    I changed the channel.

  31. “Please please take the Kartrashians, Lohans, Spears and Jersey shore gang with you!”

    Kitty, I agree wholeheartedly with you, but I’d like to add one name…Jennifer Aniston.

  32. Thank God, It’s about time that the end is here for Paris. Now I wish it would come to all the other FAME whores and other talentless people in Hiollywood out there.

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