A home invasion robbery is a terrible thing, but for some reason Kim Kardashian is not getting much sympathy. Is it because people, including her former bodyguard, think the whole situation is suspicious and might be a PR stunt? Or is it because Kim is in the habit of flaunting her wealth and detailing her lavish whereabouts online to the point of almost ASKING for trouble? The robbery was so intricately planned that it seems to be an inside job. These crooks knew EXACTLY how to access her Paris home and where to find the valuables. And Kim, unmolested, was able to free herself from the tape and get help after they left. Yes, everyone seems to smell a fish of some kind! Even Ryan Lochte.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News



  1. IF this story is fake; God will deal with KK. If it’s true NOBODY DESERVES THIS TYPE OF CRIME. Even if she “flaunts” her wealth; flaunting isn’t breaking the law; aggravated assault and robbery IS.

  2. If true, she will never live he rife the same WY again. If false, the family is more of a disgrace than they already are. I feel sorry for the children. They suffer too.

  3. showing poor americans the wealth she loves so much………..this is the other side of the story.


  4. I usually don’t click on ktrash stories.

    Everyone knows this story is fake, at least in some way. Their whole life is scripted, they’re probably sitting back laughing about how our gullible society will buy her ten more rings.

    I smell an insurance endorsement coming through any day now.

  5. Whether its true or not, this story did not make front page news like Brangelina did when their divorce was announced. The Kardashians have already peaked and are on a downward spiral.

  6. I might have bought the whole robbery angle if Kanye’s money troubles hadn’t just been in the news. I sense momma Kris’ hand in this scheme.

  7. so janet says kim was tied with tape, another story zip ties, another story said hand cuffs….this story sticks to high heaven

  8. Its amazing, that she was able to free herself. Something is not right with this story.

  9. The entire K Klan is so F-d up in the head, that it is impossible to know what is real and what is fake. My perfect guess is when it comes to the K Klan, EVERYTHING they do and touch is totally fake. They are so screwed up in the head that the best shrink in the world should refuse to session them. The will do F-ing anything, anything, anything to keep the spotlight on them.

  10. K and K are permanent societal STDs. Her once pretty face is now an expressionless Halloween mask. The message she sends to her fan base every minute of every day is creating a generation of greedy, useless losers.

  11. I don’t buy this story at all. It screams insurance scam to me. The insurance company should investigate and not pay this hobag a dime. Looks like Yeezy needs some cash after wasting millions on those hideous Leggs pantyhose outfits he calls fashion.

  12. They (the K’s) do what works and while everyone claims to hate them with the heat of a thousand suns, they manage to keep getting the attention they so desperately seek, day after day.

  13. She must have been terrified and while I feel for anyone that went through that, it is so nice to not have the Kardashians’ incessant, idiotic social media presence.

    Maybe, for their own safety and our happiness, they’ll take what’s left of their money and just go away.

  14. The “robbers” tied her ankles, and she thought they were going to rape her! Just proves she and Kanye don’t have sex–she doesn’t know where it goes!!!!!

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