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Mick Jagger had one child that we completely forgot about. The first of Mick’s seven kids with four women was Karis Jagger, born in 1970 to Mick’s obsession at the time, Marsha Hunt. The beautiful American singer was the inspiration for Mick’s song “Brown Sugar.” Marsha saved ten love letters that Mick wrote to her during their time together around 1969 (he was 25) and they were just auctioned off at Sotheby’s in London for $300,000 to a private collector. Mick’s first daughter Karis is now 42, in the photo above she got married in Las Vegas in 2000 with both her parents present.


  1. Marsha aged well. Their daughter is pretty. Its weird how Mick, whom I always thought of as homely (great talent of course), made such good looking kids.

  2. Shame, seems like she would have given those letters to her daughter.

  3. I read that he tried to buy them from her, but she wouldn’t sell them back to him.

  4. She is a full-on black woman from the days of afro’s. Looks more like she is getting bald now and may have some help up there. At least she didn’t go the route of Halle Berry…whose natural breasts were about the same, but through a loan from her b/f, which she never repaid, were very much enhanced.

  5. Strom, why would Halle pay back breast enhancements? Like the Guy didn’t his money’s worth by sucking on them? You silly? How do you know he paid for fake breast because he prefers fake breast.

  6. he is indeed responsible for his own actions………..
    (praise him as a dad)

  7. Strom, you were never Halle’s bf, and too bad you didn’t get your loan repaid.

  8. He always got beautiful women, helps to be filthy rich and a rock star

  9. Sorry for her health problems….many little Halle enablers seem to have edged from the crevices!

  10. It was the trend of the time. Being a bit of a fan of Marc Bolan, and reading every book about him, and his contemporary David (Jones) Bowie, well, black, back up singers, were kind of derigure at the time. Bolan left his wife, June Child for the black woman, who was eventually responsible for his death. ( Car crash, she was driving. ironically, he never learned how to drive a car. It was the ride home after a celebration, to mark Bolan’s ‘big comeback’. Sad. When his death was broadcast, his home was broken into,and much memorabilia stolen. But I digress. No biggie. It was just a Britt rock band trend at that time to fall in love with a black America lady. Sad for the ladies who were merely a novelty, but YEAH to IMAN, Bowie’s BBF. Good for you both.

  11. Amazing comment about another poster from someone who doesnt know and hides behind one of many monikers. And obviously unable to point out any incorrect facts.

  12. If you had the pleasure of seeing the Stones documentary “Crossfire Hurricane” on HBO, you would have noticed Marsha in some footage. She still looks beautiful in the wedding photo. Good health to her.

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