We were first to report that Melania Trump was renegotiating her big fat prenup with Donald, and now we will be the first to tell you she plans on joining him on the campaign trial – for a PRICE! Melania has been missing in action while Donald zigzags across the country campaigning for his old job back. According to our well placed insider, Donald feels Melania’s absence is hurting his campaign, especially with female voters, so they’ve hammered out a deal. Melania will pocket $100,000 each and every time she appears by his side at a campaign event. Think about it:  if there are three events in one day, she takes home $300,000!

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA



  1. The joke is on her. There is no real money waiting for her. She slept her way to the bottom.

  2. When Menefee refers to “Bad Blood,” and then his co-anchors break into the Swift song, Thompson-as-Menefee has had enough: “You know what, I’m done. When we get back, we’re going to speak to someone who actually wants to talk football,” he says.

  3. You did get the prenup story before anyone else Janet. Is Melania your source?

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  5. Janet you must know someone in the trump family. How did you get the prenup story before the New York Times

  6. Great marriage she has, imagine only doing something if she is paid. Wonder how much a BJ costs donny

  7. I absolutely LOVE the typo(???) referring to the orange one’s campaign TRIAL!!! Way to go, Janet, you are spot on!!!

  8. what a disgusting woman. Boy she really hit the jackpot when she met donald. Theres a word for women like her.

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