Personally, we have always felt that Meghan Markle was too good for Prince Harry. She had a successful and fun life as an actress with all kinds of opportunities ahead of her. Harry seems like a decent but very average guy and his life as a royal was posh but stifling. So we were thrilled when Meghan talked Harry into leaving the royal family behind and establishing a life of their own in the USA. At least she can continue acting! Certainly that’s the biggest reason they moved to LA. (Maybe the climate was also appealing!) Paparazzi here will be WORSE than the UK, so we know THAT’S not the reason they left. Harry is actually a very lucky guy- Meghan rescued him from a dull future. And she rescued herself from being FORCED to wear silly hats…

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  1. In the first place, a two-bit hack letter turner is more important than a senior member of the royal family.

    I LOVE the fact that our President is making them pay for their own security.

    I have learned after viewing this website is that Janet has horrible taste in people and values. Case in point right here. (Rolls eyes).

    There will be a day in the not-so-distant future that Harry will realize what a turd pile he stepped in by marrying this hateful an conniving cut-throat.

    If you cut her hair, I’m sure you’d see the 666 on her scalp. Evil. Wench.

  2. You got em, now! HAH!!
    Although respecting their privacy, Victorians cared very little for these idiot neighbours. But our Princess Trudeau made us pay!
    Your President has his head screwed on straight unlike our, backstabbing Princess.

  3. She has manipulated him and destroyed his family ties.

    All for her superficial lust and greed for money led by Jessica Mulroney .

    Some are also saying that Harry has no Windsor blood at all and his ousting from the firm was inevitable .

  4. I agree wholeheartedly, Janet. Meghan is the best our country has to offer and I’m happy she rescued her prince.

  5. A few inconvenient, salient points:

    1) This is Meghan’s 3rd rodeo (#1 Joe Giuliani, #2 Trevor Engelson, #3 Harry)

    2) Third marriages have a failure rate of 73%-80%.

    3) She is estranged from her father’s family so why should Harry have a relationship with his?

    4) She spent more money than any other female royal as soon as she set foot in the palace. Greedy, selfish & disgraceful behavior. Guess that’s the kind of thing you idiots admire Janet and Val.

    I LOVE that our president announced to MeGain that the American people will not be footing her and Harry Markle’s security bills.

  6. I think it is way too early for the haters to sit in judgement. Royal life is stifling and lily white. Meghan has been attacked on all sides and no wonder Harry is standing up for his wife and family. Why would he want to raise a family in such a toxic environment? Diana would support both her sons: one who is heir and followed that path and one who isn’t and chose a different path. It could be the love story of the century–or not. Time will tell but for now I am Team Harry and Meghan all the way.

  7. Wow, Janet! You may want to reapply that chapstick after kissing Manipulator Meg’s ass so hard.

  8. Beachy, you are right. JNUT is an airhead hollywood bimbo. Not even the Covid-19 virus will infect JNUt because it, too, knows what a stupid skank she is.

    AS for Harry, he isn’t the brightest bulb in the royal family for getting suckered into a relationship with that gold digging coont and c list actress Meghan. I am sure many in the royal family tried to dissuade him from dating and then marrying her but, like many Hollyweird whores, she is probably an expert in giving great head and that was something that got him hooked on her.

  9. This couple is hypocritical.

    Who wants to hear them preach while they do the exact opposite?

    They have as much intellectual expertise as the Kardashians.

    Sadly, Meghan and Harry don’t realize that people just want to watch them fail.

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