After insisting on being the one to name the Best Picture winner while paired as a presenter with Warren Beatty at the Oscars, Faye Dunaway ignored his hints and blurted the wrong name. During the melee that followed, Warren actively tried to examine and explain the mistake while Faye made a hasty retreat and refused to talk – leaving him holding the bag. Not very supportive. This reminded our friend Beth Lapides, who runs an alternative comedy show called Uncabaret on Sundays, of a story one of her comics told. His name is Mike McDonald, and he was Faye Dunaway’s “comedy coach” for a short time. You MUST listen to this – click below!
Above, Faye on the red carpet at the Oscars

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Looks like the video does not work in my country. Can you sum it up?

  2. The link has been hacked into and compromised; I just tried it about 10 minutes ago. It now directly takes you to a “Warning! Microsoft in trouble!” You will be UNABLE to close this window. In order to not f–k up your entire operating system, you must IMMEDIATELY shut down your computer, then reboot. Janet, can you please take this link down? It’s dangerous, especially for those who depend on our PCs to make a living. : )

  3. Thanks Hilary- I think I corrected this – readers should just click on the white arrow. Sorry!

  4. Sorry, Janet, it still says, “This video is not available.”

  5. Where do you live? Try looking this up directly on YouTube – it’s only audio, but VERY amusing and worth a listen!

  6. I love her, but good Lord someone please tell her to stop with the plastic surgery. She doesn’t even look like Faye Dunaway anymore.

  7. Oh, I just listened. Funny stuff! And re: her plastic surgery, really, her face is absolutely frozen. There ARE good plastic surgeons; whoever works on Meryl Streep has done it right. Streep looks older, but not… OLD. 🙂 Dunaway, by the way, is 76 now.

  8. Why doesn’t Janet Charlton get some decent virus protections on this site and maybe Google would take down its warning!

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