Mackenzie Phillips seems to be doing all right! The One Day at a Time star turned up at a drug rehabilitation event for performers and she looks happy and healthy. Mackenzie, 55, grew up in a world of rich hippies, drugs, and incest – her father was singer John Phillips. She was a star at 13, thanks to American Graffiti. After a lifetime battle with substance abuse, she now works at the Pasadena Recovery Center as a drug counselor. She still acts – and not long ago guest starred on Hot in Cleveland with her old pal Valerie Bertinelli. (Her son Shane is now a 28 year old musician.)

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. It’s amazing that the human body can take so much abuse.

  2. It was horrifying to learn MacKenzie’s dad committed incest with her when she was a teenager. It’s great to know she’s seemingly taken the terrible experiences of her youth and created a good life for herself, regardless. She had such a disgusting father. He should have been in prison.

  3. little imposter likes to imposter on me from the call center homo ranch

  4. As I recall, she later backed off that accusation against her father.

  5. Looks like her doing something in life means lots of good old plastic altering of the face. I never would have known who that face belonged to!

  6. Mackenzie, I read your book twice and it was very interesting. Thank you for sharing all that information about your life. I really like the movie American Graffiti. You were great in that movie. My favorite line was when you yelled out of the window of the car, something like: “your car is so ugly, it’s uglier than me.” Then you said: “I can’t believe I said that.” You know that was great! You seemed so natural. You have such a nice sweet face and I wish I could meet you in person because I feel so sorry that you have felt so sad and lonely over the years. Especially with a father that was like a friend to you and treated you like an adult; Different than my father! I do feel sorry about the experience you had with him however. It’s so hard to imagine because he appeared to be so soft spoken, charming, handsome, and having a kind and gentle face in my eyes. I hope you visit Minneapolis, MN with a book to sign. Sincerely, Peggy G.

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