Kim Kardashian’s marriage was hijacked by her family. In other words, both Kim, 31, and her husband Kris Humphries, 26, chose their own families over each other. It was inevitable. The Kardashians did everything to alienate Kris’s family – they didn’t invite the Humphries partake in the wedding preparations – and they wanted to. The Kardashians continued to minimize the importance of Kris’s family when they were barely seen on camera at the wedding and no wedding transportation was planned for the groom’s family. They flew home to Minneapolis from the ten million dollar nuptials in economy class. Kim was horrified at the prospect of living in Kris’s home town of Minneapolis – even part time. After the wedding she continued to accept every paying offer to appear anywhere – with no regard for her husband. When he didn’t follow her around like a puppy dog, she pulled the plug. Soon she’ll be filming Tyler Perry’s movie “The Marriage Counselor” in Atlanta and she won’t look back.



  1. I don’t know about this thing. So many questions.

    Did they both know that this would be a temporary marriage?

    Did anyone seriously think that the shallow and deeply bitchy Kim Kardashian would ever consider moving to his home town?

    Did anyone think for one second that she would ever take his name even if it was hyphenated? (as in kardashian-humphries)

    What kind of a Beverly Hills bitches don’t even include the groom’s family in arrangements?

    Whether Kris Humphries was in on this sham marriage or not, it is the queen bitch aka Kim Kardashian that will forever be considered at fault (as it should be because it is the Kardashian Machine that created this).

  2. This may sound crazy but I get the feeling that Kim Kardashian thinks she is the modern day Elizabeth Taylor.

    Do you think that she sees herself in some bizarre way as Taylor and she is collecting husbands and jewelry??

  3. @diva

    I bet you can buy it back on ebay. You know how Miss Kim loves that money!!!

  4. Kris is solucky if he gets out now,,,his wife has beenscrewed by so many BLACKS how could he live with that. Soon she will be dating another slew of blacks and maybe Kris just wasnt BLACK enough for her.

    The supreme family of trash.

  5. The whole bunch is so gross. I wish people would quit watching them and quit buying their crap so they’d go away.

  6. This has to be a huge media scam. The majority of the guests didn’t buy wedding gifts? That alone is a huge red flag?

  7. America, why do you support these rubbish people? Wake up!

  8. It’s a good thing Kris is escaping before trashola got pregnant.

  9. I’m with palermo.

    The whole thing was thought up by E! Producer Ryan Seacrest. I’ll bet the storyline will continue to be filmed.

    America the Beautiful has become America the scammed and trashed.

  10. Kitty — You’ve said exactly what *I* was going to say! I wish they would just… go… away. I bet dad Robert Kardashian is just spinning in his grave…

  11. I’m not sure if anybody has watched Keeping up with the Kardashians or not(nobody on this site obviously) but Humphries seemed to be a very mean man. On the few episodes I have watched, he threw her around like a rag doll and belittled her on many occasions. I found him to be a real dick! It was as if he was trying to defame or shame her in some way. They all laughed his actions off but this treatment by him would have eventually escalated or maybe it did?

    Anyway, it is too bad that it ended. The people that attended their wedding and dropped big bucks on gifts must feel somewhat cheated.

  12. Robert sr. couldnt make it as an attorney. He had a bullshit “movietunes” biz. He was a social climbing sleazeball who hid evidence of the murder of my teammate and friend Ron Goldman. The kardashians are famous because of the very disturbing torture and knife killing of two truly loved Americans. Fred, Kim,Justin, and Sidney loved Nicky and Ron. These vampires are loved by no one.

  13. The fame whore may have gone too far this time. I think they always had a secret agreement that she would file for divorce in approx. 2 to 5 months after marrying so everyone would keep buzzing about them wondering what happened to their perfect (ha) marriage. After she keeps doing more and more off-the-wall things, she may crash all at once and everyone will wake up and not buy her clothes or watch her show anymore. And furthermore, I believe she has serious mental issues, more than any of her relatives.

  14. Fake, Fake, Fake. Sick of all of the Kardashians now. Tick, Tick, Tick. Is that their 15 min about to run out??

  15. well, there’s a little piece of truth in this sentence……..

  16. What Palermo, Kitty….and Tom said.
    In an old post back during the marriage I said the marriage wouldn’t last a year and it was a sham.
    Blame gossip sites.

  17. ” The supreme family of trash ” I presume you’re talking about your own family here Strom, you know, your inbred WHITE klan, those creepy in laws that live on Secretly GAY ISLAND with the Jewish conspiracy Aliens, where the men are only white and sub-literate and the sheep are really nervous … you know Strom …. it would really surprise us if one day you didn’t fall for those typical, tired, vacuous cliches of yours, and come up with some funny, insightful observations. Na … , no chance of that is there Strom ?

  18. Hilary “I bet dad Robert Kardashian is just spinning in his grave…”
    You are kidding, right? He was the sleaze ball who helped to protect OJ, like he has any morals?? Have you ever heard the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… the lying, cheating tree…

  19. Megan is getting a little out there today….too much Kardashian on tv probably. It’s not about posters in this case it is about your thoughts on an untalenteted lady who has had ample servings of black meat in all her openings but still scores a big payday. Poor Kris has just been made a fool of…wonder what his parents told him and really think about this.

  20. Yep I agree this will make for amny episodes on their tv show which seems to be replayed and replayed.

  21. I agree with the posters who said stop watching their shows, stop buying their merchandise, stop supporting them! Paris Hilton has had her 15 minutes of fame come to an end, so why can’t the Kardashians? Stop watching E! and especially E! News, which is nothing but a disguse to promote the Kardashians. It’s absolutely disgusting and I’m really thankful President Obama came out and said he doesn’t want/like his daughters watching the show. Can’t we all take a collective stand against these people, along with the Jersey Shore people. Is this really what we want our country known for? It’s embarassing.

  22. Run Kris Humphries run! Don’t let the bitch get a divorce instead demand an annulment. You were duped and duped good. And I hope you get some cash out of this fiasco because the loss of cash is the only thing this trash family worries about. And no, Kris Humphries is not a dick; he actually had a backbone and called little Miss P&P out on her “it really is all about me” behavior. Geez, anyone who can’t see that is the reason why this trash family is almost billionaires. She must think Reggie is coming back or something. I hope this whole 72 day marriage is the thing that finally gets rid of the whole Kardashian clan before Mama Madam Kris has the Jenner girls out there making a sex tape for the good of the family coffer.

  23. Muffin, I have watched some of the episodes with Kris Humphries, and I didn’t think he was mean, I thought he was real. On one episode in Bora Bora, he accidentally knocked Kourtney and Kris off the giant banana they were riding (insert jokes here) and they were all so upset that they fell in the water. Afterwards, he said he didn’t mean it, but was laughing because they were so concerned about their hair and makeup. I thought he nailed it. It is all about appearances and he called them on it.

    I think I can actually hear his family high fiving from Minnesota.

  24. Megan I couldn’t agree with you more. As usual STROM is spewing his hatred and ignorance. STROM you are an irrevelant waste of space. You are probably spewing all your hatred from your trailer home. Get a life, I hope your 15 minutes are up soon (literally).

  25. After the disrespectful way Kris’ family was treated, they’re all well rid of the steamroller Kardashian family. Kim is a joke, and she should be made to repay every cent her farce of a wedding cost. Better yet, donate it to charity. What a loser. I’m sure Reggie Bush is laughing his ass off.

  26. I remember when Kim was on Regis/Kelly talk show and she said Reggie Bush was her soul mate. She acknowledged that they broke up and went back together several times, but this time BY GOLLY THEY WERE BACK AND THIS IS REAL LOVE.

  27. From the honeymoon photos it appeared Kris didn’t know what to do with a woman. For Trashola with all her x-rated public experiences, the marriage wasn’t going to work–Kris just isn’t trashy or low down enough for her. And for once I agree with Strom–Trashola can’t go back to any kind of decent sexual relationship–she crossed many lines a long time ago.

  28. Yep, BLACK Reggie is laughing but not because of love,,,he is counting the days beforehe gets his meat back in one or more of her openings and then will just walk away.

    This time her beau will not be half black but a full on BLACK. Maybe BLSCK Puffy Combs or even Morgan Freeman ma take a shot at it.

    Hris is a lucky man if he will not just walk away and then go to a doctor and get checked for STD’s.

  29. As long as people (many JC Posters) keep watching and buying the family will keep getting richer and Kim will continue to be a wanted item by BLACK athletes.

  30. Oh I wish Tyler Perry would simply fire her and say something like “nothing personal, but my intuition said I should give you the ax”. The only thing that hurt people like these is to take the money and fame away, nothing else matters to this group, nothing.

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