Kim Kardashian’s choice of Grammy dresses cramped her style for the evening. The unflattering dress looks like a glitzy bathrobe held together by a belt. All that gaudy metallic embroidery must make the gown very heavy to drag around all night. Most inconvenient of all, Kim had to hold the dress together to avoid exposing her crotch when she walked. It’s a surprisingly modest move for Kim, who doesn’t usually worry about too much exposure.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI



  1. Has finally gone too far with the plastic surgery. Frozen Face…..

  2. Just look at that unhappy baby in the background. That says it all…..

  3. it’s not as if that old snatch hasn’t been seen before she is so pathetic

  4. Kardashian and JLo press releases called news keep the site on the web!

  5. @ Cal Culver–LOL! the dress does look like something of Liberace’s! Or a Linda Evans 1980’s number on Dynasty reruns. Kanye must’ve picked it. And why would anyone bring a baby to an awards show?

  6. Hide her crotch? It’s in the news daily for God knows what reason. Skank.

  7. You are very mean. I think she looks likes a complete babe. I love this outfit and her face is looking so shiny and healthy. I love it all. Also I feel like people should be allowed to flash their crotches if they want.

  8. Much Kardashian and JLo press releases called news keep the site on the web!

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