Khloe Kardashian seems to be wearing white tuxedo pants with a satin stripe and a sheer blouse. A jacket might have disguised a multitude of sins. Her pants look tight enough to split any minute so a jacket would have been a safety factor also. White pants are a gamble on anyone over 120 pounds, but Khloe remains fearless. Her trips to the gym have not visibly reduced the size of her bottom. Come to think of it, if she had a normal size butt, she wouldn’t get half as much attention…

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


  1. women are such critics of one another. Really thin is healthy, no one that weighs over 120 should wear white pants. BLAH..blah..blah. Wow Janet, did a 135 pound woman…that should be wearing a tent…sit on you once..? Funny how most of these women smoke to stay thin. Nothing is more attractive than a smokers cough…or that smell trying to be hidden by too much perfume…but the best accessory of oxygen tank because of COPD.

  2. The BLACK man loves Khloe’s large sloppy ass and small brain. JCH loves the Kardashian press releases.

  3. Janet,

    No amount of work in the gym will reduce that bottom because Khloe has had implants. Just show us a before and after picture and no more discussion of this woman’s backside will be necessary. Thankfully.

  4. She has not interest in reducing it….she wants to expand it. BLACK men want it hippos like and willing at all times and the Kardashians are happy to comply.

    Small Brains, Large Asses = BLACK man’s dream!

  5. Random, 135 pound thing…weight cannot be compared. 135 on most tall women would be perfect or thin. My friend and I used to weigh the same: 125 pounds. We were both 5’2″. She was obese and I was slim. We have different builds. I had a dancer friend who had the fat percentage of an athlete at the low end (8-10%), but she had cellulite. Bodies cannot all be the same. Khloe is a big and tall girl, but she has a slim waist, a pretty flat stomach and neither her arms nor legs are flabby. She’s not a fashion model, so why are you bitchin? White pants are fine, so long as they aren’t too see through. I would wear white pants, but not with a black top, because of my proportions. White with white, like Khloe, can work on most people. Advice: I always wear a size larger if I’m going white than if I wear black.

  6. Someone needs to tell Khloe that just because it zips doesn’t mean it FITS.

  7. Lots of fat shaming and anorexic praising in these articles today. The question is why.

    Khloe is another plastic woman, nosejobs, boob job, butt injections/implants.

  8. I suppose the bottom line is this:

    If you have a big fat butt (real or fake), then nothing the f**k else that you do to yourself matters. The fat ass is everything you need. Sicko’s

  9. Janet seems to derive a real pleasure from ‘fat shaming’ her like gender. What a shameful disposition….

  10. You will never shame a Kardashian, anything, including unlimited sexual positions with BLACK men only make them famous and they pay $$$ to sites to run the pics.

    Small Brains, Large Asses = BLACK man’s dream!

  11. Not that I am a fan of her giant ass but actually those pants are not skin tight. They are baggy through the thighs and legs.

    I am starting to wonder if Janet just makes these comments about weight to get more responses. Maybe it helps with ad revenue or something, otherwise it’s puzzling to me.


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