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The extent to which Katie Holmes was DESPERATE to get a divorce is apparent in the numbers. Without a second thought about Tom Cruise’s 250 million dollar fortune, Katie gave up her “private jet” lifestyle to save her daughter and herself from the clutches of Scientology. Katie simply accepted whatever Tom was willing to pay to support their daughter Suri and she got no cash payout OR spousal support. All she asked for was control over her daughter’s education. This is a woman who was not into her marriage for the money. By the time Suri turns 18, Tom will have spent around $400,000 for support plus medical and dental, etc. for Suri. Katie walked away with nothing for herself. Ant Tom is pretending everything’s just fine because that’s what Scientology tells him to do.

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  1. Isn’t it funny that now the headlines are about Tom surprising Connor by showing up to watch him DJ? He would never have done this if not for the divorce hurting his image. He is trying to seem like a normal, caring human being when he is anything but.

  2. As time marches on and the cunning tiny one continues to very subtly teach Suri the ways of Scientology, Katie will have more wrinkles of worry than what is now on her forehead.

    If Katie got nothing for herself, will she continue to do Broadway plays? If so, she must do lots of them and never stop working, ’cause everyone knows NYC is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in.

  3. I agree with Miss India.

    Also, Janet said: By the time Suri turns 18, Tom will have spent about $400,000 for support, etc.

    REALLY? Tom has already spent about $250,000 on several trips to DisneyLand, extravagant gifts, anything and everything she wants, she gets.

    So a revision would be….By the time Suri turns 18, Tom will have spent about $100 Million on her or more. Even ordinary middle class folk can spend a mere $400,000 by the time a kid turns 18.

  4. Jeez Janet…do your research! Tom is paying Katie @ $33K a month for child support…thats almost $4,500,000 by the time she’s 18. Btw: Child support is used for rent, food, travel so its not like Katie will be living hand to mouth! Lol

  5. Funny how Tom Thumb was so obsessed over Katie and so in love and his scientology scumbag lawyer said he’s not mad, just sad that Katie left him. So he’s cut her off without a cent, just child support. With all his money, you’d think he would have given or negotiated some of his millions to the love of his life, someone he was always braying about how much he loved her and how she was so “amazing”. I have a feeling that’s the only way he let her get away from him and the cult, was to agree to not take any of his precious money. This man is pure evil and I don’t understand how he has any fans left. I don’t understand why anybody would want to see this evil little cretin’s movies.

  6. Tagg is right I’ve read other sources reporting around $4,000,000.

  7. Well played, Katie. Your soul isn’t for sale. Get on with your life. People seem to forget that you had a steady income before Tom came twirling into your world.

  8. Just because she didn’t want or get spousal support doesn’t mean she didn’t get anything up front when they first got married. First she was down for the nonsense like a hoe now she is seen as oh, she forsaken her wealthy lifestyle for her kid. Bitch only had one. She can handle it. If it wasn’t for her marriage to tom cruise, where would she be so she should be grateful and thankful she was even a thought in his radar.

  9. If anyone wants info on Katie Holmes, log onto New York magazine. They had an article on Crusie/Holmes, and you won’t feel sorry for Katie after reading it. Under California law, she surely gets more than the above reports.

  10. the older the greedier…………..TOM!!
    (the simple life isn’t expensive)

  11. I thought the same thing, why did she marry him in the first place? Status? Power? If my other half was essentially the head of Scientology (or any religion/church for that matter) I’d have run as fast as I could in the other direction.

  12. The best things in life usually are free. A simple smile, laughter, sunshine, good friends & family that loves you. No amount of money can bring that joy. It’s a shame Katie had to learn the hard way but hopefully she’s learned something.

  13. I will believe the 4 mill number Tagg mentions. Suri has to be kept in the lifestyle to which she has been accustomed, which means giving Katie the means to purchase an appropriate house for THEM to live in, etc. Yes, she may fly commercial now, but that is pittance. Suri is an expensive girl to maintain. Katie will benefit from the exensive lifestyle Tom has to keep Suri in simply because she as her mother will be living with and caring for her.

  14. I read that he’s paying $400K a year which is about $33K a month for child support. That will keep Katie in a somewhat posher lifetyle than most of us have. I’m sure she’ll earn her own living.

    Taking what she could and leaving with the knowledge that she will control their daughter’s education however, is priceless. I never thought much of her, but that has changed for me with the way she has handled the divorce.

  15. I have a feeling Tom paid Katie much much more but it’s sealed,so there is no way for public to find out exactly how much Tom paid.

  16. I agree with dark sided because there is no way he didn’t pay her to keep her mouth shut about what she saw during that marriage.

  17. Will Katie continue to carry Suri to school and back………until she’s 18??? Seriously!! Let that girl walk Katie.

  18. For those of you wondering why Katie married Tiny Tom, it has been well publicized that she had a teenage crush on him, and dreamed of marrying him one day. So when he started sniffing around, girlfriend couldn’t say no. We ladies put a lot of stock into thinking our schoolgirl crushes are the living end. But, after 3 or 4 years, the
    troll behind the curtain was shown for what he is; a selfish, self-centered shit-for-brains who honestly believes that he can desert his loved ones for weeks and months at a time and have a happy, healthy marriage. Some people can make that work, but it takes some pretty fancy tap dancing, and Tom just doesn’t get it that HE has to do his part to keep the marriage alive too.

  19. Even this spoiled troll of a child, who seems incapable of walking, won’t require $33K a month for support, so I’m sure Ms. Katie will be spending a good portion of it on herself. And did anyone notice how she was first signed up for a rigorous Catholic school, then was suddenly switche to an even more expensive but non-denominational school? So Katie’s still knuckling under, just for the sake of the money. If she really wants “freedom”, she’d raise her own kid with her OWN money instead of taking a handout from that creep.

  20. Well if Suri is Tom’s kid then yes he’s obligated to pay child support its the law. Of course one wonders why he settled for visitation over joint custody Katie must have those receipts that don’t go away for him to do that.

  21. Imagine living in a mansion with a guy who controls you – and you can’t speak freely to people about your life – as it may get back to your master. People risk their lives escaping from communist/dictator-led countries for FREEDOM. Her parents are glad to have her and Suri back.

  22. Wow, Katie looks happier than ever! A true smile, not the sad, resigned look she wore when with Tom.
    You done well Katie!
    PS Please spill the beans on Tom and Scientology!

  23. The kid is almost as tall as Katie. Why is this woman always carrying this girl? Put her down for goodness sake, teach the kid some independence. You gonna carry her down the aisle? Well, with Hollywood the way it is, I wouldn’t be surprised. And put a sweater on the kid when it gets cold. If you need a coat, she needs a coat, Katie.

  24. Because of the paparazzi surrounding them, Suri likes to be carried. But seriously, she’s going to be as tall as her mommy in a year or two. Teach her how to walk and deal with the paps! Katie likely got millions during the marriage to TinyTom. She shopped constantly. She’s nobody’s poor pauper. She’s worth millions.

  25. She shared this with him.
    It was for her self expression.
    A lot of the things she wrote didnt make any sense. He could of cared less about it
    It was his, He responded to whatever he liked however he wanted.

    -All she asked was to be listened to every once in a while

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