Now you know exactly what was “eating” Johnny Depp. His divorce will reveal that his life is a shambles thanks to his alcohol abuse. When he was living in he South of France he developed a taste for wine in a big way. He even had his own winery. After his divorce from Vanessa Paradis, his drinking increased and he showed up at several events half out of his mind and looking bloated. His rock n’ roll buddies did nothing to discourage his substance abuse and his young bride Amber Heard probably didn’t realize the depth of his problem. She comes out of the messy divorce with a much higher career profile so it’s all good for her. We believe Amber’s claim that he roughed her up because alcoholics are not gentle. But we still love Johnny, and hope he can pull himself together with some help.

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  1. Thank you! He will have a lot of people defending him (addicts usually do have family and friends who are fiercely protective), but I have seen what an alcoholic is capable behind closed doors. At this point, I’d be shocked if he hadn’t been abusive.

  2. I think Heard is telling the truth. But I don’t know if Depp has reached his bottom yet to admit he has a problem. Thank goodness there are no kids to fight over. We will, sadly, see more things come to light over the next few months.

  3. Calling him a wife beating alcoholic is a little premature and libelous. Amber isn’t known for her level head. Some have even called her a money grubbing ignorant Texan.

  4. trying to find youth again in dating high school girls?

    …………..NOT A CHANCE!!

  5. Did anyone, anywhere, think this marriage would last. Amber being an admitted AC/DC individual doomed it from the start. I believe Johnny did rough her up while drunk, but this is a great excuse for Amber to get out of this disastrous union….get back to her girlfriends…..and…..get as much $$$ from him as she can. Am I right, or am I right?

  6. Good for Amber, old men often make big old fools out of themselves in the search of young poonanie. Depp is no exception.

    Depp certainly looks like an old bloated sea pig, and Janet, you’re absolutely right; that spark has left his eyes for a long time now. I was never attracted to Johnny Depp, but I could see why women desired him, I doubt many still feel that way.

  7. I think Johnny was hypnotized by A’s vajayjay and mentally beat down by her over the months. She saw him coming and the gas lighting began. Each step planned by her for her. Except the dog fiasco. She really thought she was somebody now and could get away with that sh!t. Good on you, Australia.

  8. He was never divorced from Paradis, because they were never married.

  9. Jayne…

    And some might say he is getting paid back for his illicit hook-up with Ms. Paradis.

  10. He never was married with Paradis and never had some winery.It was just a “appelation”( i don’t know The name in English)

    I think he has more a drug addiction than an alcohol problem( who is drunk with a great wine?).

  11. I worked at Chloe and Chanel in the 90s when Kate Moss was with Johnny, I worked with her before, during and after her Johnny days and oddly during her time with Johnny she would often be covered with bruises which we had to disguise with makeup. No proof it was Johnny but we never had the problem before Johnny and never after, apart from an odd shin knock or elbow bruise which is quite common with models.

  12. “We believe Amber’s claim that he roughed her up because alcoholics are not gentle.”

    Wow Janet… Are you speaking from experience?! If your answer is no, then I suggest you stick a sock in it! If your answer is yes, I suggest you stick a sock in it! You, nor anyone else, knows what goes on behind closed doors, so keep your judgemental and defamatory guessing to yourself.

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