Yes, it’s impressive that Jessica Simpson says she lost a HUNDRED pounds since she gave birth to her third child, Birdie Mae, in March. Exactly HOW Jessica pared off the weight is still unknown, but she says she was up to 240 pounds before the birth. Regardless, there is no excuse for looking like THIS. Jessica is a natural beauty but this tasteless and vulgar apparel she wore for a night out in New York isn’t the best way to celebrate her good looks…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


  1. Agree but never hear the “tasteless and vulgar” claim made about ghetto rappers who always look much more so!

  2. She has legs like a weightlifter and looks like she’s wearing her a$$ on her chest!

  3. Not a good look. She looks like she’s been stuffed in there with a shoe horn. Her hair needs a nice trim to get rid of those dry split ends. Legs…well not appealing.

    I am always amazed that someone like this looks in the mirror and says “this looks really nice”.

  4. She is a natural beauty and she could broaden her appeal if she designed and dressed in more updated, but classic looks. Like Britney Spears, she is too old to be wearing these dresses. They really only look good on twenty-somethings.

  5. I LOVE all you jealous and insecure women putting her down. Mind your business and maybe worry about your own body, that is apparently low level, cause I don’t see any pics of any of you

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