Thank you, Jennifer Lopez, for giving us a different look. No plunging neckline, no slits to the hip, and no cutouts. Her satin circle skirt and halter top has a vintage and VERY sophisticated feeling. And the increasingly popular ballerina length of her skirt is reminiscent of 1950’s old Hollywood glamour. More fresh and original than Jennifer’s clingy Golden Globes look.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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  1. I don’t think the top fits her quite right, but I like the outfit

  2. The only thing this Woman s interested in is extracting money from her mostly poor latino fan base.

  3. she wishes
    she’s 99.5% jenny from the block
    there will never be another Loretta!
    and JLo better face the fact she is no longer Young.

  4. She looks exquisite in high glamour and vintage-inspired fashion. A welcome departure from the tracksuits.

  5. Loretta she aint and never will be. U can get someone outta ghetto but u cant get the ghetto outta that person

  6. Poor tiny Bob, the pet dective. So wrong on every issue.

    This is just a scam for attention by J Lo. No woman has provided so much backside to ghetto BLACKS in return for fame. So little talent, but a great manager.

  7. Another J lo press release JCH posts as news. Without wigs and make up she is an extremely plain looking Hispanic woman…getting long in the tooth.

  8. Just a game….she, like Whitney Houston, could not speak a complete sentence without going into ghetto speak. Trash

  9. Of course there won’t be another Loretta.
    Because Clark Gable isn’t around to knock her up & then she was ashamed of it, went out of town for months & then came back with an “adopted” baby girl.
    She didn’t tell the girl who her real father & mother were for decades & the girl ended up a mess & died at the age of 67.

  10. Probably wasn’t screwing BLACKS either or a lesbo! She could say a complete sentence.

  11. Loretta was one the most elegant and beautiful women ever. Her show were she plays a nun nurse is still occasionally on one of the religious channels. She was a victim of her religion and things were much different then than they are now. A child out of wedlock meant the end of your career. I always loved her entrance into her show because she wore the most beautiful clothes that still hold up today.

  12. Pusssycat:
    Loretta was a rotten bitch!
    She treated people like crap & tried to make them conform to her warped beliefs.
    She hid the bastard daughter for decades & attacked other women that got pregnant before marriage.
    A goddam hypocrite!
    She wasn’t a victim of her religion, but she sure as hell made her daughter a victim of her!
    Young’s entire life & career was a total fraud, which is why she’s deservedly forgotten now by most people.

  13. Look at her heart. That’s where the REAL is.

    It is still low-life, moral-less and constantly scheming to get a much younger toyboy into the sack. Clothes makes no difference whatsoever.

  14. Loretta Young was absolutely adored by her daughter-in-law and son. She helped her DIL start a successful business with advice and connections. Loretta Young was very supportive.
    Don’t forget what happened to Ingrid Bergman when she became pregnant from an affair.

  15. strom = june gordon


    theyre disgusted with you over at cdan

  16. Poor little bitter detective BOB….Strom is only Strom. Never heard of your gay sites.

    Poor Becca is fawning over trash J Lo but bitter at classy Loretta!

  17. Poor Becca…Your description sounds like J Lo…except Loretta had talent and didn’t screw BLACKS in exchange for fame!

  18. Marc said she had had a huge amount of plastic surgery (internal and external) Older pictures show her naturally as frizzy headed and flat in the chest.

  19. No one except a Kardashian has opened her legs to as many BLACK men for fame.

  20. Becca,

    Where is all your anger coming from? Loretta Young has not been forgotten and won’t be, thanks to film preservation.

    You, on the other hand, are a nobody.

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