This A -list couple’s unexpected divorce shocked the world as they seemed to be picture perfect. As more and more juicy details of their split suddenly become public, including infidelity on the wife’s part, don’t expect it to get much nastier. Here’s why: The handsome clean-cut husband has some weird sexual fetishes including wearing women’s undergarments. Our conniving wife has a cache of photos of him dressed in frilly lace panties. He knows if they ever become public it would torpedo his career, so he’s doing his best to not badmouth his ex and telling his loose lipped friends to zip it.



  1. Dirty Olivia Wild that cheated on Jason Sudekis and asandoned her childrem

  2. Tom Brady….ive heard this rumor years ago. Perhaps here

  3. this is Tom Brady – there’s photos of him wearing thongs on more than one occasion.

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