This is NOT the type of item we enjoy writing, but it’s too newsworthy not to share. We can’t name names so we’ll leave it to you readers to figure out. This public figure is secretly battling a life threatening illness. They’re doing their absolute best to keep it quiet, fearful that if word got out their world would immediately come crashing down. They’re already well into their golden years, but that’s not stopping them from working on a major comeback. Since money is no object they’re under the care of the world’s best doctors but nonetheless look closely next time you see them (and you will) and you might be able to spot the noticeable differences in their appearance from just a few months back…



10 thoughts on “HOLLYWOOD WHODUNIT

  1. So no hints on gender hmmmmm. As Hollywood uses Ozempic everyone is starting to look unlike themselves.

    Celine has publicly said that she’s battling “something” so I guess it’s not her?

  2. Rumours have been flying around about Ryan Seacrest having full blown AIDS but he’s not in his golden years.
    I’m going to say Jane Fonda or Oprah.
    It’s a moot point anyway. Janet never reveals the items anyway. She just makes s*it up

  3. trump. Maybe his fat blubbery ass and gigantic stomach got smaller.

  4. I think it’s trump. The Daily Mail had this headline today (Jan 16, 2024): “Worn out’ Trump, 77, sparks health fears despite resounding Iowa win – as he fights to stay out of prison, save his business AND win the White House”

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