Back in the late 1980s, this hunky actor launched his career as a model and supplemented his income as a gay hustler! His glistening muscles and good looks caught the attention of many influential gay men in Hollywood. He owes his once successful acting career as a legendary heroic character on TV, to one such client. They had a transactional relationship for years and remained friends after their sexcapades ended. Unfortunately they had a MAJOR falling out over politics and no longer speak. Our hunk has always been a closeted bisexual but was never comfortable accepting his sexuality. THAT might explain why some former friends say he’s now a homophobic right wing conspiracy theory believing gun loving nut job! (plus he’s married with kids)




  1. Sounds totally like Arnold Schwarzenegger

  2. this is the guy who played superman on TV, Dean Cain

  3. Paul M nailed it. Dean Cain! He’s even made comments in the press about how pissed he was they made Superman bisexual. Karma Cain, KARMA!

  4. Dean Cain has never been married. Kevin Sorbo for the clear win.

  5. You sound really bitter, especially in your final sentence regarding Sorbo’s politics which are no more flawed than your own.

  6. Arnold is still making really good movies and TV shows, so it’s obviously not him.

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