This reality star seems to thrive on playing the role of victim, as she’s never been more in demand since her promising romance went kaput. She’s milking her newfound fame for every last drop and even recently rebounded, trading in her no good ex for a “knight in shining armor.” But is this whole thing a sham? Her new “love” lives in a different state, and when she’s not close by for convenient photo ops, he’s tomcatting around looking for a good time! A show insider claims the entire breakup and rebound romance was scripted, but if we give her the benefit of the doubt and it wasn’t, then she’s setting herself up for more heartbreak! Her new beau doesn’t seem any more loyal than her last one…




  1. Ariana Madix? Reality star and new boyfriend lives in NY.

  2. I don’t know who is running Janet’s website but it’s not working well. You have to refresh to see new stories

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