This reality celebrity is barely recognizable from what she looked like years ago when she first started out in the business. She’s not only become an expert at photoshopping her own images, but she has had almost all of the cosmetic surgery known to man. However, there’s one area she hasn’t enhanced until now… her vagina! She recently underwent a cosmetic procedure to make her private part prettier. She’s proudly showing off the new and improved results, boasting she dropped nearly six figures on the surgery, which insurance doesn’t cover.


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  1. Must be Khloe Ktrash. She is so insecure. All the money and surgery in the world won’t change how she sees herself.

  2. I’m guessing the Kardashian women have pretty much worn off their vaginas by now considering how slutty they seem. Group discount?

  3. If it’s a reality star, yeah it’s Khloe. She must be the most insecure one.

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