Living with angry Alec Baldwin must be a nightmare this week since it was revealed that his wife Hilaria humiliated him by faking her personal history. During their marriage, Alec often affectionately joked about his Spanish wife and her habits. Why didn’t he get suspicious when he met her waspy parents from Boston? Did Hilaria also lie about graduating from NYU? What ELSE did she tell Alec about herself that we don’t even know about? (Wikipedia oddly lists her age as “36 or 37”) One person on Twitter revealed Hilaria’s true identity and many of her Boston high school classmates celebrated the truth FINALLY coming out. Hilaria is blaming everyone else for “misrepresenting her” and said she never reads about herself. Her confession “Yes, I am a white girl” has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING! She’s been caught red-handed. Alec is totally embarrassed and furious that Hilaria has made him look foolish – of course, he’s blaming Twitter for the fuss, calling it “a vast orchard of crap.” (Now’s a good time for Alex to review those anger management classes he took) Meanwhile the Twitter whistle-blower says she’s afraid volatile Alec will punch her. We wouldn’t want to be in Hilaria’s shoes now either…

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  1. they’re both assholes and deserve ZERO sympathy. Go away you sick losers.

  2. Alec Baldwin has no trouble judging others harshly. It’s befitting to see him being the one judged. He and his wife are frauds and unlikable. Turn those screws.

  3. If SNL hires Baldwin again, I’m not watching anymore – enough is enough. Between his violence and her ethnic appropriation, they need to go away forever.

    And the arrogance that they didn’t think it would come out.

    Sick people!

  4. Um, Spanish people are white. Shocker, I know. You see, Spain is in Europe. If you are thinking that “Spanish” people are dark or black, they are not. Now if you come from say, Puerto Rico or Dominican Republic or Mexico then yes, you can be non-white, but then you wouldn’t be Spanish, you would be Dominican, or Puerto Rican or Mexican, etc. Spanish is reserved for people from Spain, not other countries.

  5. Cheaper to keep her. She’ll probably be knocked up again next month.

  6. He has had to notice her accent comes and goes, so he has known for a long time. And why people feel the need to explain Spanish people are white is beyond me. Especially in light of the fact that her skin color has nothing to do with the ethnicity she is claiming, smh

  7. The Spanish/white angle has to be explained because people like you are too stupid to realize that Spain is in Europe and there are multiple articles calling her out for being Spanish and white. What? This is why this need explaining. Grab a glove and get in the game, buddy.

  8. Hey Dee, England is in Europe. I defy you to tell the black English citizens that they are white. Why the hateful attitude?

  9. Hey Light Brigade. Not a hateful attitude. Just educating people that Spain is in Europe an the natives there are white. Many posts were screaming….She can’t be Spanish she’s white! It’s that ignorance that I am trying to erase.

    As far as black English people. The ancient natives of England are Anglo-Saxon and Norman. They are white. Any African/black people that live there moved there from their native country or their ancestors did. Black is not native to England, not in the truest sense. This does not mean that black people who live there are not English now. Don’t get your panties in a twist. Not everyone is looking to bash black people.

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