Heather Locklear, 49, insists she is NOT engaged to Jack Wagner, but she looks better than she has in a long time. And Ava has obviously inherited her mother’s good looks. Heather and her ex Richie Sambora showed up to watch their daughter Ava, 13, walk the runway at the WTB spring fashion show for Fashion Week in Hollywood. (Unfortunately, WTB stands for White Trash Beautiful.)


  1. I’ve read several times that Jack Wagner has begged her to marry him. She is a damn fool if she dcesn’t, because I don’t see any more bad boys knocking down her door, like her first two. Maybe Jack is a little dull, but he allegedly stood by her when she was into drugs/booze.

    Regarding the kid being a model; if she does get in to this destructive lifestyle, she should know that drugs and champagne flow freely in the world of modeling.

  2. Heather started giving up the booty when she was Ava’s age and look where it got her. Hopefully the daughter has a better moral compass somewhere.but going for the profession of a model doesnt seem like it.

  3. Heather looks horrendous, she is way too old to be wearing a miniskirt. Just because it fits doesn’t mean it’s appropriate.

  4. Quite an attractive kid considering the genetic damage she must endure due to her parents abuse of Drugs.

  5. Heather just looks like she’s been hit by a bag of marbles. Her daughter is cute.

  6. That outfit is way too revealing for a 13 year old. If she’s dressing this way at 13, what will she be doing at 15? The comment about early sex being a potential problem is right on.

  7. i don’t have ANYTHING NICE to say
    so i won’t say anything at all…..

  8. in case anyone is wondering, richie sambora is one of the designers for white trash beautiful and that’s why ava is in the show. she was really sweet and so was heather. my salon did the hair for that show and others at LA fashion weekend.

  9. after high school send her to the netherlands for “Learning”.
    just a few years.

  10. Heather is cute for her age but she needs to stop dressing like a 20 year old nymph. No one over the age of 35 should wear a mini, it’s tacky no matter how attractive you are. Dress with some class!

  11. Heather, trying waaaaaay too hard.

    Any more over-effort and she’s gonna look even more like that chin-free low-rent version of herself from Real Housewives of OC.

  12. Oh, and Ava—PLEASE consider Med School, or at least Cosmetology classes—you know, as a back-up.

  13. So right TWO. Eva is a “model” because her parents are famous and because she has the jail-bait thing going for her. If she were a no-name and 22 she would not get a gig modeling flip-flops at the local Walmart.

  14. Thanks for posting that link strom. I can only imagine that J-Lo is working on plans to set fire to the Daily Mail.

  15. Casonia Logenberry... People on Hells kitchen on Hells kitchen by not cooking it right from the start and this fools can look at the cook books all day long and gather a better understanding on the food! Right. Learn Fools Learn everything.So you can stay says:

    White Trash Beauty is crazy for WTB. Nuts and yes Daughter Avas is Beautiful and Breath taking and thank god for the one child..Is truely a blessing and Jack Wagner is a sweet little soap star in his day and did a really great music vidio back in the day and it was amazing and outstanding and so unreal but Heather your very lucky that CPS Has left you alone and your not being bothered by there company and your not being followed around. CPS Will not fight with rich people…Because you can break there budget for the year and it is okay for you to go in for Drug use and other issues and never be bothered by CPS and Poor Britney Spears is forever bothered. That really pisses me off.

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