Now that they’re being evicted from Frogmore Cottage (their official residence in the UK) Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have something to say to his dad, King Charles… SHOW US THE MONEY! The estate was a wedding gift from Queen Elizabeth and Harry and Meg spent over $3 million of their own money on renovations, but the paint was barely dry before they hightailed it out of there – eventually settling down in Montecito, California. Charles recently told them to move out so his brother Andrew could move in, and now Harry and Meg want to be reimbursed for the extensive renovations. No sooner did they get the “eviction notice” than Harry reached out to the Royal powers-that-be requesting the money. An insider says this could get ugly and might even wind up in a lawsuit.


Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA



  1. “it’s my BIRTHDAY PRESENT!”

    I knew he reminded me of somebody. Gollum.

  2. Why should these two grifters stop their tacky behavior now? They are untalented, uninteresting and undeserving. Everything they do reveals their lack of character, class or kindness. It’s all they know. I await the day their house of cards collapses. And it will.

  3. They should subtract it from the tens of millions of dollars that was spent on their wedding. And the millions that King Charles gave them to live on. And all the security that was paid for in the beginning. Once the ungrateful duo pay all that back, the slate MIGHT be clean.

  4. Those two need to STFU and disappear permanently. No one cares what happens to them

  5. It was tax payers money. These two are something else….. always whining and and playing the victims….waagh!.

  6. And now, in a huge contradiction to their disdain for the monarchy/institution, they give their kids the titles of Prince and Princess. Maybe before they are taken away? But, what do these two have to sell but the monarchy?

  7. So tired of the loud hate expressed on social media. These two are more than decent, very much in love. The ugliness is too much.

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