We’re not fans of Gordon Ramsay’s nasty disposition on “Hell’s Kitchen” so we were particularly amused when he was caught in the act of having hair transplants. He was photographed leaving a Beverly Hills hair augmentation clinic wearing peculiar headgear that included a surgical cap. Apparently he had plugs transplanted from the back of his neck to his slightly receding front hairline. We hear that he had a new minimally invasive procedure that costs around $30,000 but it heals in a week or so.


  1. His face looks like it could do with some serious moisterising.

    He does not come across as a nice person, not someone I would want to know.

    Did enjoy his christmas cooking show.

  2. Who cares?? So what if he is a little insecure about his hair or lack thereof. After all his face is quite rough looking!!

    He has the cash to deal with his insecurities or maybe not if you beleive the news stories.

  3. No, no, no! Gordon has joined the Shrine Circus (note the fez) and is in training to be a clown.

  4. Bettye beat me to it. Apparently when getting hair transplants one must wear a fez! He’ll look awesome in one of the clown cars.

  5. Ha ha, I hope he spends tons of money and has lots of pain with the hair transplants. Then when it’s all grown in, I hope his wife rips it out…TO PAY HIM BACK FOR YEARS OF CHEATING.

  6. Cannot stand to watch him scream and curse at everyone, I shut off the tv whenever his show is on

  7. Looks like the nasty rain that pummeled L.A. did some major rut damage to poor Gordon’s face! With all those great dermatologists at Cedars-Sinai, he should be fixing the body’s largest organ…skin.

  8. I can’t say I really blame the guy–his face is just so….busted. (And also his personality)…so I guess some fake hair will help him……(I’m at a loss here.)

  9. He could have long flowing blonde locks…it wouldnt make a difference…he’s still ugly inside and that face…ugh…

  10. I’m thinking severe acne is what caused his gouged out face. That or a misfortunate sand-blasting accident.

    Wonder if he found an excuse to take off his shirt for the hair replacement procedure? No, there wasn’t a camera nearby. Silly me.

    Cannot stand his swearing and attitude on his show. Karma baby, its swinging around to bite your butt in 3, 2, 1….. (although he might quite enjoy some butt-biting).

  11. His face looks like Yucca Flats.
    I’d be less worried about a little minor receding and far more concerned with having resurfacing and fill work done on that mug.

    And btw, how does he have 30K to throw around on cosmetic procedures? I thought he was broke.

  12. I’m with “Muffin top”, who cares? If it were anyone else would it be news? I think not.

    As for “Indy”, guess you were there with Gordon & the “professional mistress” when the alleged trysts took place, huh? Sounds like you’re a wee bit bitter about cheaters. Either you are one, or your partner was. Only 2 people know what, if anything happened.

  13. His wife knows he cheated, the web knows he cheated, it is all over the internet.

  14. ^^^^^^^And to add to that, I guess Jesse James, Mel Gibson, David Arquette, and many others DID NOT cheat, because we weren’t physically there. Are you on mind altering drugs?

  15. Good for Chef Ramsay doing this for himself and he is a good looking man and he is facing a problem..Before it Becomes a problem! And it is better to be early then just let your hair fall out in front of the world and just go Bold and so all the haters can make a wise crack at this man.

  16. Goody Gum Drop..He is just taking care of himself and making sure that he stays handsome and Hot and of course you have to address the issue..Before it gets out of hand and on the floor or on the pillow and yes you only live once and just knowing that he has a Tranplant has to be painful and yes it is going to Hurt for a While..While he is Healing and The pain goes away but good that he is keeping his looks up and of course he is very attractive and it is better to put your best foot foreward and Be Blond and Beautiful as a man.

  17. Yes it is hard for a woman knowing that her man has slept with another woman and yes she must be ashamed of it and there must had been a reason for a man to cheat and that means they are not getting enough love making at home and for a man or woman that can become frustrating and When your as attractive as Ramsay of course woman are going to look and try to kick it with him but when this little flirty girl on the show does it On Hells kitchen are Dumb and Stupid he is a married man and it is better to look at a Beautiful man who is married and just look and think how lucky the wife is to have him.

  18. It has to be hard for the Wife to Open her Heart and Trust and stand by her man and Hillary Clinton did and I really think that was Sad Because it seems like she just gave up and though that she could not get anyone better and that her looks where shot or no one can put up with her stuff and that is why she stayed but Tana is very Beautiful Woman and I know any man would just snatch her up just like that and matter of fact..So many men would come out of the wood work for her and lets face the facts her Hair looks soft as silk and she is tall and has a pretty smile and Beautiful eyes and really good shape and killer legs.

  19. The Cat is out of the Bag and the Whole world knows that Chef Gordon Cheated and it has to be hard to have the world watching every step you take and every mistake you make and of course getting a hair tranplant is good to do when he is young and later he will not have to do it and of course the sun is good for you to have vitiman k and of course he looks good in his cloths and even in shorts and I will alway want to be on HELL’S KITCHEN UNTIL HELL FREEZES OVER.Chef Gordon Ramsay ROCKS.

  20. Millions of Men have the same problem with there hair and it is nothing to be ashamed of and His Hair looks nice and there is nothing wrong with addressing the issue, Before it gets out of hand. And Yes he is Rude and Nasty and So am I in some ways and that is the reason I Like him for being blunt and telling people how it is and some people are so weak and can’t handle the straight talk and they shut down and tune out and can’t think right and most of all can’t handle the words and temper.

  21. Why do people tune out! Because they are too nice and kind and loving and they would not dream of hurting other peoples feelings and yes it is easy to tune out on anger and frustration and yelling and screaming but it is really hard on people who are gentle and speak kindness without cursing along the way.

  22. This Blog is so funny in so many ways..Because every one is talking about Chef Ramsay life and his wife must still love the man..Because she is not gone and there must be some real good loving that keeps her around and he must be very charming and nice and kind to her…Why would a woman keep a man around after finding out that he cheated on her and that is love of a family and working things out and working things throw and that is the reason they are still together today.

  23. To stay married after a affair is strong but at the same time I Would not but that is me but Tana wants to do it and it is her life and her choice and she is happy in the pictures I see them together and the woman who put herself out there as Chef Ramsay lover is Crazy in so many ways..She told the world that she could not do better then a married man and that she could not just go out and get a man of her own and she did it for money and greed and out of 7 years no love child to show for it?

  24. It is all about feeling good about yourself and looking good and addressing the issue Before it gets out of hand and I think it is Smart to make that move and it is a shame this man can’t do it privacy and so many other men do it and no attention is payed to them and it is all about looking good and feeling good and yes CHEF GORDON RAMSAY IS A BEAUTIFUL MAN AND HAS MASSIVE AMOUNT OF PASSION AND REALLY CARES BUT ON THE OTHER HAND HE IS NASTY AND RUDE AND MEAN BUT FOR ME…I LIKE IT AND WILL ALWAYS BE ATTRACTED TO THAT BLUNT HONEST TALK FROM A MAN AND WILL ALWAYS RESPECT THAT AND YES WANTING TO BE ON HELL’S KITCHEN..MAYBE DIFFERENT THEN WHAT I THINK OR FEEL BUT I WILL NEVER STOP WANTING TO BE AROUND SOME ONE WHO SPEAKES HIS MIND. TO ME THAT IS A STRONG MAN WHO IS BOLD AND JUST BEING HIMSELF.

  25. Weak People can’t handle the boldness of Chef Gordon but I can and I like him just the way he is and will always be a fan until the day I die and Even if I NEVER MAKE IT ON HELLS KITCHEN OR MASTERCHEF I CAN ALWAYS LOOK AT THE LUCKY ONES THAT MADE IT ON THE SHOW AS WELL AND OF COURSE HE IS A GOOD LOOKING MAN AND IS MEAN TO PEOPLE AND PICK THEM APART BUT ON THE OTHER HAND YOU HAVE TO TALK DOWN TO PEOPLE,Because they are stupid and dumb and really can’t understand or catch on to things and all he is trying to do is break there bad habits and reach inside and change for the better but yes he is addressing an issue, Before it gets out of hand and that is very good for him and it is a positive move.

  26. I will always be a fan of chef gordon ramsay because he is funny and has a good personality and he is mean but I like that about him and That is the only reason I WATCH HIM AND WILL ALWAYS WATCH HIM.

  27. I know it has to hurt after having his head done and he looks like he is in pain and yes some of my friends have had hair tranplants and it makes them feel better about themselves and yes it was painful but worth it and so why are people shocked about this issue but with the tax problem that has issues paying that but will get his hair done instead and not worry with the high pay lawyers who are going to keep taking his money and not addressing the I.R.S. and this people do not play? They will freeze your income down the road or simply take the money out of your account and also they can hurt you in so many ways and that is something Chef Gordon Ramsay can live without…How are you going to make it? If the I.R.S. Takes it?

  28. Me Myself would just give I.R.S. The Tranplant money instead and worry about my hair later..Because if the Tax people put a Freeze on your Bank and you can’t reach your money then your life is going to be screwed and to take so long to give this people the money is playing head games with them and sooner or later they are going to pay attention to how Chef Gordon Ramsay is spending his money and may just Freeze everything he has and may just take everything and another person I like is Bobby Flay and he is smart about taking care of his Business and he only has 6 places in the world and out of 365 days is enought time to spot check place after place with ease and this places are turning without his presents..Well Chef Gordon Ramsay the problem is the 20 places you have are not turning and that means sabotage and cias and or some one is pulling your leg and with all the money your have given to your lawyers and other things like getting your hair tran-plant can go to paying off I.R.S. but the problem is that you should not have to take the money out of your pocket to keep the other places to float and I Think it is wrong for your to take money out of your pocket from Hells kitchen and kitchen nightmare and masterchef to keep the other 20 places floating and I just think your beating a dead horse and your kicking your own self in the ass and whom am I ? To tell you what to do with your life and matter of fact it is none of my business! But I know that I am never going to get a chance at your show and I know that I am keeping the lines of communications open on this blog..Because know I have nothing to lose! But time but what the heck it is a good way to just say Hello and Hope you have a wonder and great day.

  29. As Far as Chef Gordon Ramsay Cheating and Getting Caught has happen and there is nothing any one in the world can do but watch and listen and Dig for Dirt and this little lady Sarah S…? Wanted people to know and also to bring or knock Chef Gordon Ramsay down a Peg or Two and she did this with other married Chef’s as well and she often Beds Married men and I have a smart remark to make about that and maybe she can’t get a man of her own or maybe she did this to get a book deal and make money being a Big Mouth to the world but she is not ashamed that she did it and She did not care about the Mans wife and Children but she did this for the thrill! And to get attention and She had to let the world know that she had her cake and ate it too and she had to shame him in front of the world but there must had been something going on at home to make him want to make love to another woman and that means? He was not getting enough Sex to take away his frustration and lonely-ness and stress and Chef Gordon Ramsay is a Scorpio and they need Sex every day to release there anger and back up of Hot Cream! Lets face the Facts without the Affair? He would had been harder on the Victums of Hell’s Kitchen and He would had been Meaner and more Aggressive and Chef is married to a Gemini and they are sweet lovely souls but they are not down for Sex every single day? They can go about 4 times aweek but going over that is over the top? But The Milk has Hit the Dirt and mixed in well and there is nothing that could be done about the pass and it seems like they have worked out there problems and they are back on track but yes the affair is something that happened and know the world is watching Chef Gordon Ramsay and keep in mind there is always going to be some two faced…Back stabbing leach that is going to shoot for a Book Deal and she walks around proud of her actions and making money and know she is free to turn on other men that are Horny and lonely in a Marriage? Yes Sarah S. Pointed out that Chef Ramsay wants another Child? Then if his wife won’t? Hire another woman to increase his family and have his wifes eggs removed and have his sperm placed and form a child and allow another woman to carry and give birth to another child or two for his family and as far as Sex goes…I think they have it under control? But who know? But it seems like they are hanging and getting there stuff together and working things throw.

  30. Hells kitchen is more ruthless and more frustrating then ever and for once I am glad that I am not there and I think since Chef Gordon Ramsay is nolonger seeing Sarah S. anymore his temper is far waste and his insults on fat people can’t cook is crazy but I am making a point of saying goodbye to each and every blog I have posted informations… I understand that I Will never get his attention for a part in the show and will not waste anymore time trying and I do wish the future of the show well wishes and I am not going to giving my 2% anymore…Because I look like a Fool and sad but I tried and know I am leaving, His life is none of my business and I will go to HELLS AND LEAVE THE FUTURE COMMENTS TO THE OTHER FANS. But Elisa is a pain in the ass and I can’t stand her at all and I would have some choice words to say to her and it is not pretty. But your Hair looks really nice and keep up the good work.

  31. Scott was dishing out great information about the fish and Black Dude was going off and did not want to listen and it seems like this people are failing to understand in so many directions but I am not going to write about this crap any more and I am completely enore and season 7 and 8 and 9 and blue blog for fox..Hells kitchen fox 13 is completely enored and I am major Burned out and enored for two reasons…I Can do a Flawless job and I can listen to the insults and not break down like the other woman. But I am never going to find out and so I am leaving Goodbye blog and well wishes but I am going to cut my lost and leave for good.

  32. It has to be painful to have this issue addressed and….I Am Lucky that the men in my family don’t have that problem of going bold on top…Matter of fact we are blessed with thick ass hair and it is so thick at times…A comb does not always make it throw.?

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